Ottawa Eats/Cafes

I love eating out and going to new coffee shops and these are my favourite places in town. I’ll be updating this page on the regular as I discover new spots. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about them!



Baker Street Cafe Food

  • Chez Lucien 
    The veggie burger plate is everything.
  • Hintonburg Public House
    Not necessarily my favourite food but I love the atmosphere for drinks/snacks!
  • The Manx
    I’ve only been here once but left feeling like I had uncovered a well-kept secret.
  • Baker Street Cafe
    Super-laid back place with classic breakfast fare that rocks my socks off. There is almost always a line-up but it’s with good reason and when you’re lucky they bring you freshly-baked muffins as you wait!
  • Chelsea Pub
    Love love love the vibe here for a casual meal and brew.
  • Zazaza’s
    The most crazy, creative pizza menu!
  • Pancho Villa
    Mexican and margaritas oh myyy.
  • Jak’s Kitchen
    Cute brunch and lunch spot and with great daily specials.

Friday Night

Tomo Sushi

  • Tennessy Willems
    This place is tiny and intimate and one of my favourite date-night spots.
  • El Camino
    I’ve only been once but it was a super fun (and delicious) night and I can see why this place is the talk of the town. Be prepared to wait for your table but if you go get a drink nearby they’ll text you when they’re ready for you!
  • Tomo
    Asian-Fusion in a super cool space.
  • Khao Thai
    In the heart of the market and super cozy. I’ve had their pad thai at least a dozen times!
  • Johnny Farina
    Delicious pasta and pizza options up the yin yang.
  • Elmdale Tavern and Oyster House
    Awesome vibe with such good seafood.

Special Occasions 

  • Beckta
    Definitely one of my most memorable dining experiences.
  • Supply and Demand
    We were ridiculously wowed by the food at this place. If you like seafood, you must go!


Food at Pure Kitchen

  • The Green Door
    A super casual pay-by-weight buffet with amazing selection.
  • Cafe My House
    Really creative vegan creations (think Buffalo wings and cheese plates) in a lovely location.
  • Pure Kitchen
    Bright and cheery space with a menu that is a vegetarian’s DREAM.
  • La Belle Verte
    An open kitchen that serves up some of the most flavourful veg fare I’ve ever had. It feels like a friend is cooking for you!

Coffee Shops

toronto coffee shop

  • Equator
  • The Ministry of Coffee and Social Affairs
  • Arlington 5
  • Happy Goat
  • Blumenstudio
  • Thyme & Again
  • Pressed
  • Quitters*
  • Alice’s Village Cafe*
    *These places are on the outskirts of Ottawa and a bit of a drive from the downtown core

Aylmer Spots 

Little gems in my hometown, which is about 20 Minutes from Downtown Ottawa!

  • Cafe Mulligan 
  • Cafe British
  • L’Aubergiste
    Small plates in a modern but rustic room.
  • L’Autre Oeil
    It has a beer menu the size of a bible. If you like beer, you must go!

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