Weekend Highlights: Raclette, Ice Sculptures, Coffee and the Super Bowl

Hi friends!

As is the case most weekends I’m back at home, the past couple days have been chock-full of good eats (and company). And as per usual, I figured I’d share some of the highlights in case my pictures can provide anyone with an idea or two!

But backing up to Friday real quick. I have a year-long group project and our ultimate objective is to plan a meal event, which will basically function as a “restaurant for a day”. I got lucky and ended up in THE most lovely group and we are planning an Asian Street Food feast and so excited about it! On Friday we had our final test kitchen to make sure our recipes were perfect. Everything was so delish and my group mate Anikka took this picture of the final products – isn’t it gorgeous?!


whole wheat teriyaki noodles // fresh wraps with peanut sauce // bubble tea // egg tart 

Friday also included a lecture with a guest professor about food marketing, which made for such an interesting end to the school week. When I made it back to Ottawa my mom and I booked it over to see the ice sculptures at Winterlude – Ottawa’s big annual winter festival. They were still relatively intact considering the unseasonably mild weather we’ve been having and so pretty!



Saturday included a trip to Jak’s Kitchen and this cute little brunch and lunch spot immediately got added to my Ottawa Eats recommendation page. So cozy and so good. My mom and I went splitsies (duh) on the two meals below and left so satisfied.


omelette with cheese curds, scallions, roasted red pepper and basil
// homefries // cornbread toast // fruit 


greens and basil salad with tomato, parmesan and pine nuts 

Josh and I busted out some homework in the afternoon but we had some major light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to: RACLETTE. His family served up a feast of cheese, veggies, bread, potatoes, tofu and meats to grill and it was nothing short of glorious. Such a fun meal to enjoy with people.


I’m pretty sure Josh’s dog Daisy has more personality than I do and she makes me laugh at least every 45 seconds. It’s pretty much impossible to be in a bad mood when she’s around.


Saturday morning I made a batch of my apple carrot oat muffins. I hate to be like a parent with a favourite child and neglect my other muffin recipes but these ones are sort of in a league of their own.


apple carrot oat muffins 

Josh came to pick me up and I insisted on tying him in my scarf and documenting the occasion. He is just so lucky to get to date me and to take part in these great ideas I have. ha

scarf pic .jpg

We had a fair bit of studying to do but treated ourselves to some coffee and paper browsing at one of our favourite places before getting started. Ahhh the little things.

equator coffees


After the homework I met up with all the ladies in my family for a “Superbowl party” which included zero football and all.the.food. Definitely my kind of party. I knew it would be pretty meat-heavy so I brought a little sushi platter, which is one of my favourite go-to veg options in social situations like this one.


And to bring a bit of happiness to your Monday, I have to share the Valentine my grandma made during craft time at her Nursing Home, addressed to her late twin sister. She is like a little girl again in a lot of ways and this sight just melted my heart. Love her so much!


On that sweet note, I hope that you have such a good week!

Did you do anything exciting over the weekend? 

Anything planned this week? 


15 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Raclette, Ice Sculptures, Coffee and the Super Bowl

  1. Aw!! Your grandma’s artwork is so sweet. My work at the nursing home has given me a greater appreciation for those kind of things.
    The words “cheese curds” and “cornbread toast” have my stomach growling!! You and your mom go to the most fun places.
    That ice sculpture exhibit is quite the attraction… Is it a world reknown thing?? I’m so impressed.


    • Yeah I think the festival is pretty famous, although to be honest I have no idea how far it reaches, as a local. Probably the most well-known part is the Rideau Canal, which is a waterway they open for skating and is the world’s longest rink (almost 5 miles). It’s so much fun!


  2. Your weekend looks fabulous, Jacklyn! We watched the Superbowl on Monday morning here… time change does strange things to live television, ha! Oh and I have to say your grandma is so adorable!! :)


  3. The food pics are wonderful as always.

    Our Internet is down until tomorrow (hopeful) & I am sending this on my cell phone today.

    Have a great week Jacklyn, it looks like your weekend was amazing.

    It was beautiful out yesterday here so we had to go out & enjoy it and we did. :)


  4. I literally wanted to work at your meal event because of the food haha! Thanks for hiring me ;). Catherine gave me an egg tart last Friday and I died and went to heaven, I love them so much! So cool that you saw all those ice sculptures, there is something so calming and almost zen about their appearance. I am also highly confused by the powerpoint with fish and weird words?! What class could that possibly be haha!?
    Also, you spoke of raclette and now all I want is to eat that for supper. I am in love with this meal, it favors conversation making and makes for such a long and sociable dinner experience. I am sure you know what I mean!


    • haha I hope there are lots of leftovers for our employees :) So glad you like the egg tart! I love them too and they’re so unlike any dessert I’m used to.
      And the powerpoint is Josh’s homework!! hahaha I’m sorry for the confusion!
      And YES I totally know what you mean. Despite the fact that everyone is preparing their own food at a raclette, there are very few meals that are so interactive! It’s really the best.


  5. Your weekend looks like the perfect mix of fun and work. That’s awesome how you balance everything.
    The highlight of my weekend was watching the Broncos win the Super Bowl (yay!) and I’ve got a 5k planned for next weekend that I’m really looking forward to!


  6. So many things to smile about here! You have such a way of doing that :)
    I love your mother daughter dates – you split the most fabulous choices of meals. Good thing you have similar tastes! And your coffee dates. Oh the little things is right.
    Your grandmother’s valentine is so precious. A fond memory to keep.


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