What I Ate Wednesday: Study Fuel at its Finest

Why hello fine folks and happy WIAW! How is your week going?

I have an exam tomorrow and I’ve been trying very hard to find excuses to take a break from studying and talk your ear off (my favourite thing), but sadly I haven’t come up with any. So I’m going to get back to the studying – which is probably a good idea considering the exams in this class have a reputation for making people burst into tears. Reassuring, right?! ha! But I still wanted to pop in and chat about Monday’s eats because they were so good and perhaps can leave you with an idea or two!

Okay so Josh brought me not one but TWO almost-empty jars of Sunbutter on the weekend and I thought I was going to die of happiness. When you eat your oatmeal out of one of these beauties, you get Sunbutter in every bite and it’s just something else. I filled jar #1 with some classic hot banana-cocoa oatmeal and it was a pretty splendid way to commence the week.

Sunbutter Chocolate Oats

cocoa-banana oats in an ‘almost empty’ Sunbutter jar


I got home from the gym one hungry girl and had a chickpea pancake (based off of this recipe) made in 10 minutes flat. I just mixed 1/4 cup of chickpea flour, 1/4 cup of water, salt, garlic powder and parsley flakes and fried ‘er right up in some olive oil. The pancake itself is pretty neutral-tasting but so so nutritious and a perfect vehicle for yummy toppings. Loved this lunch!


chickpea flour “pancake” with avocado, tomato and hummus // steamed broccoli

Afternoon snack was some probiotic-filled kefir! I love being able to throw some in a mason jar, shove it into my backpack and drink away when I get hungry in class – it’s surprisingly filling!


kefir with maple syrup and cinnamon 

In the afternoon I also chopped up some tempeh and let it hang out in a super delicious marinade by Sarah from Bucket List Tummy until dinnertime. I can find tempeh pretty bitter on its own but it soaked up this marinade like nobody’s business and totally adopted the great flavour.


I stir-fried it and had it alongside some roasted veggies and couscous. Immediately after the picture I mixed it all together and then kept going back for more. Definitely a new favourite dinner!



roasted veggies // couscous cooked in vegetable broth // tempeh in this marinade 

If you’re unfamiliar with tempeh, I can’t urge you enough to give it a try! It’s essentially a fermented version of tofu and is such a nutritional powerhouse. It also just so happens to be really “meaty” and stick-to-your-ribs in the best possible way. Plant power people!!


I somehow still have some chocolate left from Christmas. I truly think this bag may be replenishing itself because I feel like I’ve had so many but there are always more?! Really not complaining about this mystery.


I was feeling super snacky before bed and munched on some leftover spaghetti squash, frozen blueberries in milk, a big scoop of almond butter and some cauliflower florets. The nighttime appetite is a strange thing.



Well that’s it from me. I hope you are having a really great week and eating some really great things. All the WIAW’s are linked up over on Arman’s blog this week, if you’re curious!

Happy Wednesday and see you soon! 


37 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Study Fuel at its Finest

  1. I could eat my way through your day anytime, Jacklyn!! I make chickpea pancakes on a regular basis and yes, they are perfect vehicles for all amazing toppings. I usually have a fried egg & leftover sautéed veggies on mine. Happy Wednesday! 😊

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  2. Tempeh is a favorite of mine. Maybe if I tried marinating it all day Terry would like it too! That whole meal looks fantastic. Restaurant worthy, I’d say.
    Also, I love how you had spaghetti squash for a snack. Why not right? How do you like to season yours?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YAY I’m so glad you liked the tempeh recipe. I actually love the texture of tempeh, which is weird, but like you said, nutritional powerhouse. I’m with you on coveting those finished nutbutter jars. The hubby just doesn’t get it.


  4. Oh girl, I have so much to say as usual!

    Anyone who brings you multiple jars of nut butter for OIAJ is seriously a keeper. You should mail the other near-empty jar to me ;) Cocoa banana oatmeal is seriously the BEST with sunbutter!
    I like how your lunch is not small but it ain’t massive either. I find that a too-full tummy makes me distracted and sleepy in afternoon classes.
    Speaking of afternoon classes, you are so lucky to have free time in the AM for the gym!
    How long do you think kefir can be kept unrefrigerated?
    I’ve never tried tempeh before. Is it kind of like tofu? I might pick up a pack next time – for some reason it looks like some kind of oat bar? :)
    Your dinner looks divine! Couscous and roasted veggies are a favourite of mine – I can’t stop gong back for more and more.
    I always feel snacky before bed too! I like all of the randomness that you enjoyed :P I always have some nut butter before bed too! And sometimes yogurt/muffin and usually chocolate as well.

    Loved your day of eats and I can’t wait to see more of your creations! :) Good luck on that tear-inducing exam!

    PS: isn’t blogging the most time-consuming, fun, interesting way to procrastinate?!


    • Aww your comments make me so happy, Cindy!
      Yeah lunch before a full afternoon of classes really can be tricky! I usually just have a million snacks on hand in case my lunch doesn’t hold me over long haha :) As for the kefir, I have packed it in the morning and not drank it until the afternoon before. In my insulated lunch bag, it’s often even still a bit cold!
      Actually I find tempeh REALLY different from tofu. It’s got a much stronger taste and firmer texture. Definitely worth trying when you get the chance!! Mmmm your go-to bedtime snacks sound so dreamy :)
      haha blogging truly is the BEST form of procrastination!! I hope your exams have been going well this week!

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  5. Using every little dab of sun butter that is left in the jar is such a treat and quite thrifty as well. I save way too many jars and have to clean them out every so often.

    Have a great day Jacklyn and you will do fine on your exams!


  6. I think you were feeling snacky because (judging only by the pictures ) it did not look like you had a lot of food during the day. Lunch looked super yummy but quite light. However, I come from a part of the world (South America) were lunch is our main meal so maybe for you that was good enough to keep you full until dinner. BTW, I love your blog and I have been reading it every week for a while now!


    • Aww thanks for your sweet comment Ale! In hindsight, this day was pretty light for me and may very well have had something to do with all the nighttime eating! Although I should mention that I tend to nibble quite a bit during the day and forget to take pictures :) So neat to learn about different cultures’ eating habits. They’re all so unique!!


    • haha yes!! I so wish I could be a fly on the wall in a class from a different major sometimes because I am so used to people eating all the time (and mostly really wholesome things!). I’d be so curious to know how the types of snacks differ with other students because I have a feeling that big containers of fruits and veggies and nuts aren’t exactly the norm elsewhere! haha


  7. I have a hard time with the empty sunbutter jar, in my head there could be leftover crumb toasts, which I don’t want in my oatmeal! Looks so good though. So cool that you ate tempeh, it looks delicious!! I will have to check out her recipe :). I wish you all the best of luck in tomorrow’s exam, I feel like we’re gonna be shocked by it, I dont know, I am expecting the worse!!


  8. I’m right there with you, I always find myself blogging as my favorite form of procrastination. ;)

    Onto your eats! How on earth did you make steamed broccoli look appetizing? Seriously, I want to eat that, and I never want to eat broccoli! Your photography is skilled.


  9. I have the same weird phenomena with my lindor chocolate balls. Those things grow out of themselves, I swear. Tempeh is my favorite protein – off to check sarah’s marinade!
    I hope the exam went well (and you and your classmates weren’t escaping in tears :s)


  10. i’m with you on the endless lindors! i got 6 boxes for christmas (3 tiny, 2 regular and 1 large) and there are still quite a few left despite a certain husband eating them every time I see him (not kidding i’ve had 3 and there’s maybe one regular sized box left)


  11. Studying is the worst – but it has to be done! Hope that your exam went ok! I love your chickpea pancake. I used to make those things all the time!


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