The Weekends You Wish Had No End

HI GUYS! How was your weekend?!

Ahh how my cup runneth over after the past couple days of R&R. Josh came to visit me, and being that most of our social circle is back in Ottawa, it’s almost like we’re on a little island when we spend weekends together here in my little town. We can just relax and eat and relax again (and then eat again) and it’s sort of the best.

We’ve also been having some really mild weather and it’s been so nice to stroll around leisurely. When I woke up on Friday it was snowing big fat beautiful snowflakes so I headed out with my camera and some of my favourite tunes. Serious happy place.




Josh got in at about lunchtime on Saturday and I had this salad ready for us to dig into. This combo has been a recent favourite and if you haven’t tried roasted sweet potatoes in your salad, do it!!


blended greens // roasted sweet potato // avocado // peas // corn // black beans
// sun-dried tomato  // Mary’s Gone Crackers as ‘croutons’

I was somewhat (okay completely) surprised when we sat down to some schoolwork after lunch and stayed focused for almost 5 hours. In hindsight this was pretty much a miracle because usually my maximum time in silence is approximately 4 minutes. (Unless I’m alone. I promise I don’t talk to myself in 4 minute intervals).


With the studying wrapped up, we got to work on our go-to chunky lentil spaghetti sauce with zucchini and portobellos and served it with spaghetti squash instead of pasta for a change. It was so flavourful!


We also made these Cheddar Bay Biscuits and this recipe is a winner, folks.


Candlelight is just good for the soul.


Post-dinner activities included a couple episodes of The Office. Did you guys know that the whole series is on Netflix now?! My goodness I love this show.


I got all caught up with my mom over FaceTime on Sunday morning and then it was time for coffee and food.


I’ve been in such a crêpe mood since Chloe made them for me last week and these bad boys did.the.trick. I followed this recipe and I thought it was such a good idea to strain the batter to remove the lumps that I can never usually get rid of. We had two different toppings (see below) and they were as good as they look.


left = Sunbutter with dark chocolate melted in + banana 
right = butter + cinnamon-sugar + a sprinkle of fresh lemon juice

Josh named this one “Medusa”. Don’t worry if you have to Google that – I did too.


We took a nice walk around town while we digested. Except not before I got Josh to take some random pictures of me because I like to pretend I’m a model sometimes. The Instagram Husband video may or may not hit a bit close to home for us. ha! He is such a good sport!


A light lunch came in the form of Vegepate with pita, steamed broccoli and mango. I have this exact same combo embarrassingly often. So many different textures and flavours to nibble on!


There’s a Starbucks right next to the bus station so I settled in after Josh left to get some work done. Does anyone else happen to love the soy beverages at Starbs?! I’ve never looked up the milk’s ingredient list (nor do I plan to ha) but it sure makes for a tasty latte.

starbucks working

And just like that, the weekend had come and gone. Despite the title of this post, I’m feeling so ready for the busy week ahead. I think allowing ourselves to rest is both wonderful in the moment and so conducive to having lots of energy when things pick back up again.

Did you have a busy or low-key weekend?

What was the best thing you ate?

27 thoughts on “The Weekends You Wish Had No End

  1. 5 hours of studying? You go girl! I really hoe that is me next weekend!
    We are currently on season 8 of The Office and I don’t want it to end. It is SO dang funny.
    I laugh out loud every time. I like the soy lattes @ SB, at least much better than the coconut milk ones. They don’t taste right to me.
    Finally, beautiful crepes!! I need to make those ASAP.
    Happy Monday!


  2. Another super amazing post! I love everything you do and eat on weekends :) I love how Josh named his crepes! And that crepe with sunbutter and dark chocolate… oh my goodness. Did you have these for breakfast or dessert? You got so much work done this weekend – congrats!


  3. Every time you show your lentil pasta recipe, I’m motivated to make it! Once again, I added it to my recipes this week to try list. And CREPES – what a wonder. I’ve forgotten all about them. Glad you had a good weekend, lady :)


  4. I enjoyed all of the detail you put into your post….it made me feel like I was there too in the background.

    Weekends like that can be so nice and refreshing, I think some people need to slow down and enjoy the more simple things like you and Josh did.

    You are a model, you just haven’t recognized that yet I think. Have you ever considered doing some professional modeling? I think you would be such a success if you wanted to try it.

    We had a quiet, low-key weekend too. We went out last night for dinner to our favourite Chinese stir-fry grill and the food was great. I usually have an all vegetable stir-fry as well as some other great dishes. Carolyn likes shrimp in her stir-fry and we both enjoyed it so much. All for 27.50 including tip; not too much!

    Have a great week Jacklyn and think snow, I know I am. :)


    • It can be hard to not feel pressured to be “productive” all the time but I couldn’t agree more that slowing down is so so nice and merited! So I’m glad to hear you had a similar weekend :) Wow that really is an amazing deal!! It’s awesome that you have that restaurant near you.


  5. Mmm this could go under the “perfect weekend” category for me. So much homework / coffee / work time and yet still with an overhang of pure relaxation. Balanced with delicious homemade meals and walks outside and time spent with your people. Yup. I could have had this weekend very very happily. And hope I can soon. Hope this week is a continuation of the good vibes for you! <3


  6. Look how beautiful you look! I wish I could rock lipstick like that, but my confidence is just not up to par for bright lips.
    And I totally am a greek gods/roman gods and goddesses nut, so I know who Medusa is. Greek and Roman mythology has always been one of my favorites!
    That sweet potato bowl is screaming my name. I seriously need to re-create that!


    • Aww thanks Kat :) I used to feel the same about wearing bold lips but I actually think that I feel MORE confident in bright lipstick now. It just makes me feel powerful somehow haha!
      I so admire people who are really up on Greek Mythology. I learned a bit about the biggest players in one of my classes but I’ve since forgotten everything!


  7. Good job on getting all that studying in! Your eats look so delicious, especially the spaghetti squash and those cheddar biscuits, woah. The crepes are super cool, eating crepes is seriously the best weekend food activity. Sometimes, staying in and relaxing is EXACTLY what our bodies need, I hope you soaked it all in (which I know you did)!


  8. It looks like it was such a nice weekend! I like a good mix of relaxing and productivity. Props to you guys for staying so focused during your long study session ion Saturday! My focus was terrible when I was I college. I used to set a timer for an hour and tell myself that if I worked that ENTIRE hour, then I could take a break and do something else.


  9. Your weekend sounds so perfect to me :) And wowza, you rock red lipstick SO well! I asked my husband to get out of bed the other night to take a picture of me holding a bottle of homemade kombucha with both hands and the term Instagram Husband felt all too real.


  10. Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend. The Office is one of my favorite shows! I rewatch Pam and Jim’s wedding sometimes when I’m in a bad mood.
    I had my first Instagram husband weekend when I made my husband take a picture of me for my blog. I made him promise not to laugh too much before I asked him.


  11. I need to get into the office! I hear only good things about it. I had a pretty busy weekend, but Sunday was definitely a low-key day which was nice. Got to get in a nap which is always good hehe. Hope you have a great start to your week!


  12. Jacklyn, your snowy pictures just made me swoon… so gorgeous! Snow just seems to make everything silent & peaceful in the best way possible. I miss that in my hot, loud part of the world. ;) We had a fun weekend watching our youngest daughter perform as a fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream… so wonderful! And to celebrate we made a giant cake which the girls decorated with all kinds of ganache & frosting & sugared strawberries. :) Have a great week!


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