What I Ate Wednesday: Weekdays Vs Weekends

Hi guys!

Nearly every ‘What I Ate Wednesday‘ post I’ve ever done is a documentation of my food on the Monday or Tuesday of that week. Cause to be completely honest, I’m a total procrastinator and that’s when it usually occurs to me that I sort of need some pictures of food if I want to participate in my beloved WIAW.

For awhile now, I’ve been meaning to have the foresight to snap away on a weekend day.  I would by no means say that my diet undergoes a complete 180 on weekends, but there are often a fair share of changes. Eating becomes more social and that tends to translate to more treats, more drinks and more restaurants. And BOY do I embrace that!

So last Friday, I finally whipped out my camera and got chronicling! There was no alcohol or restaurant involvement on this particular day, but I did get to have dinner with some friends and eat something a bit out-of-the-norm for me.

pancake sandwich
Pancake Sandwich: whole wheat banana pancakes // Sunbutter with dark chocolate melted in

I’ll probably have trouble sleeping tonight if I don’t admit that I actually had carrot cake oats on this particular day. But I feel like I’ve shown you about a thousand and a half pictures of that, so I wanted to highlight another breakfast I’ve been loving. The pancake sandwich. Guys, you need this bad boy in your life. I just take two pancakes out of the freezer, slather some nut or seed butter between the two, and then tuck it into the fridge overnight. In the morning you’ve got yourself a little piece of heaven-to-go.

In case you’re wondering, I use this pancake recipe but sub 3/4 whole wheat flour and reduce the sugar a bit.


pan-fried black beans with mushrooms, onions and spinach//
couscous // avocado // lemon // hot sauce 

I ran four miles in the morning and then came home to this lunch bowl of leftovers, which was so so good. I added a whole whack of mushrooms and spinach to these pan-fried beans and then mixed it with couscous, avocado, lemon and hot sauce. So many flavours and textures. I couldn’t stop taking spoonfuls of the beans from the fridge all day.


All mixed together.

Kitsune Flat White

My afternoon class got cancelled so I made my way downtown and parked myself at Kitsuné Espresso Bar to get some work done. I had really been looking forward to eating a big fat cookie but sadly they were all out of baked goods. But the incredible flat white made up for it. Loved this place and can’t wait to go back – although there are SO many cafés to try in Montreal that it’s almost hard to justify going to the same place twice!

apple in the city_

I munched on an apple with a side of really cute townhouses on my way to my friend Chloé’s for dinner. On a side note – I must also apologize for the sudden deterioration in picture quality from this point forward. I was too concerned about enjoying the company and warm food!

almond butter

When I got to Chloé’s apartment I was really hungry and immediately helped myself to some almond butter. I’m a really great guest.


When she saw me starting to take pictures, Chloé ran to put on her HOCKEY HELMET to be protected from the camera. It’s not easy being friends with a blogger, people.


Savoury Crêpes: apple + brie on the left // egg + havarti + caramelized onion on the right

Okay back to food – this dinner completely rocked my socks off. Chloé and her roommate made savoury crêpes and the combos they thought up (see above) were AH-MAZING. Cannot wait to make these again!

Chupa Chups Collage

I have a bit of a tradition of taking a lollipop on my way out every time I leave Chloé’s. She gets them in France (I’ve never seen them here) and I cherish each one so. They make waiting for the Metro ten times more fun.

green smoothie

Green Monster: spinach // frozen banana // almond milk 

When I made it back home I was craving a big green smoothie so that’s exactly what went down. I got into bed and under my covers to drink it to counteract the cold and it was heavenly.

So there’s a little Friday-day-in-the-life for you!

I feel like we’re often flashed with warnings to be cautious of social events and all the “bad” and “excess” food that tends to accompany them. Or we’re urged to not “waste the week’s hard work” by having an indulgent weekend. But ohhhh what a sad mindset I think that is. I wholeheartedly believe that our entire lives benefit from treating our bodies well most of the time, but the memories I get out of enjoying food with others (healthy or “not so healthy”) are worth so much more to me than having a calculated diet at all times. And more often than not, I find that a weekend of indulgences leaves me naturally reaching for vibrant fresh foods by the time Monday rolls around. Just yet another little piece of proof that everything balances out in the end.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! By the way, the WIAW link-up is over on Laura’s blog this week!

Do you feel like your diet changes much on weekends? 

Are you a flat white fan? 

Have you ever had savoury crêpes? 

42 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Weekdays Vs Weekends

  1. First of all, I’ve just gotta try that pancake combo, wow! It makes my mouth water… especially with the chocolate smushed in there! 😊 And secondly, you are so wise… I think people can either be afraid of social activities because they might “derail” their diets, or on the other hand use them as an excuse to over-indulge, causing guilt & anxiety. Neither one has to be the case- let’s just enjoy our precious time with family & friends and let food take its rightful place within that realm. Really enjoyed this post. 😊 Happy Wednesday!


  2. Oh my goodness that crepe! I would like one, please. So funny about the helmet.
    Did you ever have Uncrustables as a kid? PB&J in a bread pocket? Your pancake sandwich reminds me of those but a healthier version. Because those were my jam as a kid, I need to try your version!
    I am definitely not one to wait until the weekend to indulge. I used to do that with diet soda, not drinking it during the week, but then I’d have a gallon over the weekend. Not very smart.


    • No, I had never seen or heard of an Uncrustable!! Maybe we never had them around here?! Anyways just looked at a picture though and they look awesome haha. I hope the pancake sandwich can parallel the joy they brought you as a kid haha :) And that’s a really good point – I was hoping this post wouldn’t come across as encouragement to restrict during the week because I’m SO not about that either. The more indulgent stuff just tends to be more available to me on weekends!


  3. I definitely feel that on weekends I’m of routine and Maybe don’t eat as “healthy” but I am totally okay with that! I feel like that’s what a balanced life is all about. That green smoothie and pancake combo looks delish!! Hope you have a great day :)


  4. Beautiful! Those crepes look yummy. I remember I used to have pancake sandwiches ALL the time! I don’t know how I forgot about those delicious things. I’m gonna need them back in my life! Thanks for sharing all your amazing meals. I really like that lunch you made with beans, veggies, and couscous!


  5. Even your “lower quality” pictures are great. I had a flat white this morning and thought of you, my fellow flat white lover. The velvety whole milk is to dieeeee for. Pancake sandwich – what? You have my full attention. I love the glimpse of some different food choices on the weekend – mine tends to be more eating out and less leftovers left from the week. I think I eat more overall but it’s not too different from the reg.


  6. I just had pancakes last night! Love the idea of making a sandwich out of them, especially with peanut butter (which I always add to my p-cakes along with syrup because yum!). I definitely feel like my eating gets more flexible on the weekends, but I keep physically active throughout to balance it out (I’m not one of those people that can take a “break” from exercise). It’s definitely about making memories with people over worrying about calories!! All your meals looked awesome :)


  7. Flat whites are gloooorious. Especially when made right (and in Montreal, I might suspect)
    That pancake sandwich. That is brilliant.
    I would totally be with your friend Chloe sporting the helmet. While eating her crepes, preferably – holy delicious. Yes to caramelized onions and TWO types of cheese.
    My eating does change on the weekend but only because my schedule does. I sleep in, so I tend to have a bigger brunch etc. I think eating is 80% about the experience of it, and so what is it the point in saving all those things that make you happy just because its “the weekend?” Never made sense to me. Love your approach – to all things.


    • Such a good point about not waiting for the weekend. As I said to Kate, I was really hoping this post wouldn’t come across as encouraging restriction during the week because I am soooo not into that either and totally agree that we should do things that brings us joy no matter the day of the week. But like you, my schedule changes a lot on the weekend and it usually just comes with a whole lot of yummy things :) P.s. You must have awesome coffee in Toronto too, I imagine?!


      • I didn’t see it as this way at all!! I definitely see you as a kick ass supporter of healthy balanced living no matter the day of week. Haha and yes – good coffee here as well. But yours is french. So to me that just makes everything more decadent :)


  8. So I actually had my first flat white this weekend, and it was actually because you featured it on your blog before that I decided to have it! It was good, but very milky and different tasting. I saw after that it is made with whole milk, which explained the taste! I would have it again, though. My weekends are not at all the same in terms of food either, I actually eat less, which leads me to eat a lot less fruits and veggies! The pancake sandwich is suuuuch a great idea, I’ve yet to make a batch to freeze but I will soon! Also, I am super duper intrigued by the cafe you went to, I usually end up going either to Second cup or Starbucks to study downtown, I just feel like in the absolute heart of downtown I can’t ever think of a cafe to go to! I am probably so ignorant, even if I kind of almost live there haha!


    • Ohh that’s awesome that you tried your first flat :) I love that creaminess (I find good ones almost velvet-like!) but I can see how it would have caught you off-guard! They can vary quite a bit from place to place though in terms of strength so it’s definitely worth trying another, in my humble opinion haha. And I totally understand ending up at Starbucks and Second Cup when you’re downtown! Oftentimes the independent places are a hidden and sometimes a bit of a lengthy walk from the core, sadly. But I sure do love trying out new ones when I have enough time to search for them and get to them!


  9. All of your food choices always look so delicious!

    I think on weekends we don’t watch too closely what we eat on weekends….maybe our reward for eating much better during the weekdays.

    Have a great day Jacklyn and great pictures today,


  10. Mmm..that pancake sandwich looks so good! I’m trying to wean myself away from super-sweet coffee, so I might try a flat white next time I order coffee. My weekend diet looks completely different from my weekday diet. I don’t worry about it too much because I’m more focused on enjoying time with my husband and friends. Some of it though is just laziness on my part and I need to work on that.


  11. Those savory crepes look like everything!! And your friend is too funny! I love the hockey helmet while cooking crepes! I have made crepes at home before and they can be tricky! Props to her girdling such an amazing job whilst wearing a helmet!
    I haven’t tried a flat white, but yours looks beautiful.


  12. I don’t really have traditional weekends so I cannot say my diet changes much. What is a flat white exactly? I’ve seen it advertised but have no idea what it is!


  13. bahahaha the hockey helmet is classic. Gotta love it.
    And I love how that nut butter spoon looks like its coming straight towards my mouth. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I opened my mouth just a bit in waiting for its arrival ;)


  14. My diet definitely change on weekend, but just for a meal (normally for lunch).

    I love flat white! It’s my go-to drink at every cafe. I get disappointed if the barista didn’t make it well, and it becomes a latte :/

    Yes! I actually prefer savory over sweets :P


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