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Hi guys!

I had been intending to share a few highlights from the weekend because it was a great one but then all of a sudden Wednesday rolled around and I didn’t want to abandon my beloved What I Ate Wednesday. So today I am rolling with “What I Have Been Doing and Eating Recently Wednesday”.

Beginning with muffins because more things in life should be preceded by muffins. I made this new whole wheat apple cinnamon muffin recipe of Sally’s and it was delicious, as expected. That lady can do no wrong in the kitchen, I tell you.


For lunch on Friday my mom and I went to Pressed, a new-to-us cafe and sandwich shop that’s now on the favourite list. I love when places are so homey that you feel like you could sit for hours without noticing the time pass.


We split a falafel sandwich with turnips and sesame sauce and it was pretty much a shawarma panini. YUM. We also had some carrot ginger orange soup and I want to try my hand at that combo at home.



After lunch it was off to the Canadian Museum of Nature where there’s currently an exhibit called “Bugs”. It was super neat – turns out I really like seeing creepy crawly things when they are enclosed. And the fact that I was in a museum somewhat eased my guilt for the fact that I was skipping my Friday class.



How cool are walking sticks?! It took a bit of effort to find them all amidst the branches. I hear that’s sort of the point of camouflage or something?


And after the museum I got to get all prettied up for a formal put on by Josh’s school. We danced for hourssss and I was in my happy place.

formal selfie

Saturday night we made an easy one-pot pad thai dish from this video. It was my first time making a recipe from one of those tantalizing Facebook videos that are always popping up on my news feed and it made me want to try every single one.


My mom and I also booked a March Break getaway and we were just a bit excited about it.


As for Sunday, I got to go out for breakfast with my grandma which is my fave. I split an egg plate and a giant custard and fruit-filled crepe with my mom. We kind of like splitting, if you hadn’t noticed. I over-did it a bit on this meal and ended up being full for like 7 hours. WORTH IT.

tutti frutti.jpg

When I was finally ready to ingest something else, I had a homework date with Josh and a couple of flat whites. Thank you for knowing how to make really good coffee, fellow humans of the universe.


ministry homework

It was snowing big fat snowflakes on the walk back and I was in dreamland.



Sadly the weekend came to an end but I came back to Montreal stoked to get on top of things and make the week MINE.

I made a batch of quinoa chowder out of the Quinoa 365 Cookbook to have on hand for the week. It’s so nice and creamy despite being nothing but quinoa, broth and veggies. Quinoa working miracles like it’s its day job again.


And I believe that’s it from me.

Are you having a good week? Have you been eating delicious things?

16 thoughts on “Recent Eats and Things

  1. Those tantalizing Facebook videos!! Seriously, I could watch them all day. Though the comments on them usually make my blood boil with how critical everyone is.
    I love that you are your mom went to the museum! We would frequents ours often as kids, so it’s a great memory for us. And yay for breakfasts out!

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  2. First of all, MUFFINS. Those look incredible. Totally bookmarking the recipe! I can imagine how delicious these little muffins would be along with some PB. :)
    That cafe looks incredible! It really is so homey. I wish I could have a mug of hot cocoa and just sit there with that falafel sandwich! Yummy. It must be nice to have your mom around to split dishes with.
    The bugs are super cool! I find fish and bugs so interesting when they aren’t a) dead b) invading the house.
    I see those Tasty Food videos everywhere! Your rendition looks so yummy with shrimp instead of chicken. Did you make your own pad thai sauce?
    WHERE ARE YOU AND MOM GOING IN MARCH?! I AM SO JEALOUS! Are you going during your Reading Week?
    With that coffee + study pic, I swear I’ve seen the exact same slide in my first-year Introduction to Kinesiology course! So cool.
    Your quinoa chowder looks so yummy and I have all the ingredients (I think). Can you please share the recipe? :D Looks like it makes fantastic leftovers!

    BTW, I had so much to say about this post that I had to open a Note next to it so I could read the post again while writing my comment! Haha


    • Awww hahaha Cindy you’re the sweetest!! I totally know the feeling of reading a post and being overwhelmed with all the things you want to comment haha.
      Yes, the pad thai sauce was homemade but super simple – just rice vinegar, lime juice, fish sauce, soy sauce and brown sugar if I remember correctly!
      We’re going on a Cruise to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Martin! And it is indeed during my reading week – so glad how it worked out that I don’t have any midterms the week after. Are you going home during reading week?!
      That’s neat that you learned that type of thing in Kinesiology! It’s from my clinical nutrition class :)
      And YES I will definitely send you the recipe!! I feel a bit bad sharing cookbook recipes without permission but I’ll FB message you a pic! xo

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  3. All of the foods look sooo good, especially your breakfast.

    What I liked even more were the snow pictures especially the one with Josh in it. We had a little snow awhile back but nothing like what you have….makes me want to move to the Yukon which has always been a dream of mine.

    Happy Wednesday Jacklyn and I am so glad you had such a great time being back home in Ottawa.


  4. Yummy!! Love the looks of those muffins. I went to the insectarium last fall and was just so mesmerized by all the bugs and the way they moved, I had no idea I would enjoy it so much! I also wish I knew of a cafe that looked like that closer to my place, I would always be there!!


  5. Ah man. This is all just… happy. Your posts always make me feel so warm inside. Between your beautiful photography and talent for capturing the epitome of “cozy,”… to how you share about your time with family. I love how much you appreciate all these parts of life. And yay for dancing!!


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