Friday Faves xv


I happened to notice that this is my 100th post which feels somewhat momentous! It also got me thinking back on what a big deal the 100th day of Elementary always was. Do you guys know what I’m talking about or was that some weird tradition that only my school took part in?!

Anyways, the thing I am loving most right now is that I am home in Ottawa for the weekend. My mom made the two hour trip to come pick me up last night because she was “in the mood for a drive”. I’m not entirely sure that I bought that ha but I was so so thankful for her offer and the quality time it provided us all evening (including Scrabble yessss).

scrabble selfie

It’s been a little while since we last chatted Friday Faves style so I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on! Let’s do it.

Serial {Podcast}

I’m pretty late to the party when it comes to this podcast but I’m so glad I finally got around to it. I understood what the hype was about within the first 10 minutes of listening and have been loving walking and running to it. If you’re a treadmill-hater, consider seeking out a podcast you love; this one makes the time FLY for me!


Crostini with Sun-Dried Tomato Jam {Recipe}

I briefly mentioned this recipe the other day in a WIAW but realized after the fact that it deserved way more attention than I gave it. It is probably my favourite appetizer ever and if you find yourself in need of an hors d’oeuvre, this is one heck of an option.

Jesse Mac Cormack – Where We Met {Song}

My sweet friend recommended I check out this local artist and I am so glad she did. He brings to mind Dave Matthews and Nick Drake and this song has been haunting me. Thank you for knowing me so well, C <3

“The Word of the Day!” {App}

I really like learning new words and I am loving this app. It sends me a daily notification to remind me that the word has been “released” and I simply have to open the app to see the definition. You can also easily access a list of all the words you’ve learned to refresh your memory periodically.

word of the day app

A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry {Book} 

I briefly mentioned having started this book but I wanted to come back and mention how much I’m enjoying it. It’s not exactly a light read but it’s teaching me a lot about the time period and every page tugs at my heartstrings.

a fine balance

Youtube Yoga Channels {Blog Post}

I just stumbled upon this post of Cara’s from Cara’s Healthy Cravings outlining her favourite youtube channels for yoga videos. All of them are new to me and I’ve loved the couple that I’ve experimented with so far.

“Why Some People Find Exercise Harder than Others” {Ted Talk}

I came across this Ted Talk by Emily Balcetis and really enjoyed it. Through super neat examples she shares her theory that our perception has a lot to do with our relationship with working out.

ted talk

Well that’s it for me friends.

I hope you’re excited for whatever you’ve got planned this weekend!

Any songs / podcasts / Ted Talks / books / Apps that you’ve been loving lately?! 

7 thoughts on “Friday Faves xv

  1. I remember making “100 day” hats in elementary school! 100 seemed like a VERY big number then. 100 still is big # when it comes to blog posts!
    That was super sweet of your mom! My family is scrabble family too.
    That Ted Talk sounds very interesting. I think I am going to try to listen this weekend. And I’m downloading that app!


  2. Oh I absolutely loved that Ted talk as well! It was so interesting and had really intriguing studies! Weirdly enough, we didn’t seem to celebrate the 100th day in Elementary school, but I kind of wish it had been a thing! Have a great weekend back home :)


  3. Happy 100th post, Jacklyn! And I just listened to that Ted talk over Christmas break – so fascinating. These people are brilliant. I love the idea of a word of the day app. Have a great weekend at home!


  4. Congrats on your 100th post!! Am I ever glad I’m not the only person late to the Serial train! My co-worker/friend just mentioned it to me on Tuesday…and now I’m only 2 episodes away from the end of Season 1 (can you say, binge listening? lol). She also mentioned there’s a follow up Podcast that picks up where Season 1 left off: Happy Friday :)


  5. Wow, 100 posts….congratulations!

    I can tell how happy both you and your mom are to be together this weekend and am sure you will find lots of fun things to do and get a break from school at the same time.

    I listen to different podcasts all the time as I work at my desk and they do make the time go faster. I like the Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew podcasts the best; two funny guys for sure.

    Have a great weekend Jacklyn!!


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