Thoughts On Goal Setting and a Few of My Own For 2016

So that whole New Year’s Resolution thing. I’ve been thinking about them a lot this past week and just what a love-or-hate concept they are. Since New Year’s Eve, I’ve seen a whole bunch of people setting goals for 2016, and a whole bunch of other people hating on setting goals for 2016.

And to that, I say YOU DO YOU! Maybe your best friend finds resolutions cheesy, but you know they have a way of driving you. Or maybe your mom rocks New Year’s goals like nobody’s business, but they tend to set you up for failure. Since you are not your best friend OR your mom, I think there is no shame in figuring out what works for you and running with it!

new 2016 graphic

As for me, I would say I lie somewhere in the middle. I don’t think I thrive under specific objectives like “eat 6 servings of vegetables per day” or “run x number of miles each week”. That’s just too much pressure for this girl. But I do really appreciate the way the New Year makes me take a second to reflect on what is going well and what could use a bit of shifting.

I think my FIRST goal this year is to do my best to maintain that mindset of reflection all year long. It is so easy to get stuck in our ways, even when they may not be the best for us; and what a sad thought that is. But aside from that, some other things have been popping into my head this week and I thought I’d share a few.


Josh and I on New Year’s Eve 

1.  Improve My Photography     

I think my food pictures have come a long way since starting the blog and I hope that trend continues. But alongside the food, I want to start taking more pictures of other things too. It often doesn’t occur to me to simply snap away at the things around me but I really enjoy it when I do.

2. Spend More Time on Flexibility

In theory I 100% believe that stretching is a vital part of the working out puzzle but I am the WORST at doing it consistently. And it’s finally occurring to me that I am the only one who can actually make it happen. So I’ll be seeing you around, yoga mat.

parliament stretch

3. Use Less Paper Towel

This is super random but I’m pretty sure I use double the amount of paper towel that most humans do. Bet you $10 Josh is nodding his head so hard right now. I find myself reaching for it all the time and I’d really like to cut back. Reaching for a cloth to clean spills and letting my produce drip-dry is totally no big deal, just a matter of changing my habits a bit.

4. Be a Bit More Proactive With Studying 

This semester is looking like it could be on the crazy side. And I have a knack for going to class but not reviewing the content and then realizing that I have five classes worth of material to learn a week before finals. So in the next few months I am determined to set aside a bit of time each week (even daily when possible) to go over the new stuff and make it my you-know-what.


5. Read and Listen in French 

I’m trying to become really comfortable in French and am SO lucky that my roommate is francophone and lets me practice on her all the time. But in addition to that, I want to try to start reading and listening to French more. I’m thinking the news would be a good place to start on both fronts.

I hope that 2016 has been treating you well thus far and here’s to a year of mindfulness and memory-making.

What are your thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions?! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 


22 thoughts on “Thoughts On Goal Setting and a Few of My Own For 2016

  1. Jacklyn, I love how your goals encompass your whole life… not just one part like school or fitness or relationships, etc. You’re such a balanced person! For me, I want to try to plan my blog content more in advance, and also be mindful of stopping “work” when my kids come home from school & focus more on them. 😊


  2. Your goals are excellent and I can totally resonate with all of them – especially the paper towels one! Your food photography is already so beautiful :) My pencil box also has words about happiness – it says “you can never have too much happy”. I love yours!


  3. I am SO with you on the paper towels. I hate the idea of food waste, so I definitely need to become better in terms of other waste too. I also like your goal of taking in everything else around you. Sometimes us nutrition nerds tend to focus too much on food (is that even possible?) haha. Have a great weekend!


  4. I usually don’t make any New Year resolutions and I didn’t this year. I just try to do the best I can and call it even. I don’t always succeed….but I am always trying.

    I too like using paper towels and always carry one around the house with me. I try to make it last as long as possible. :)

    Have a great weekend Jacklyn.


  5. I’m right there with you on being more reflective and working on flexibility. I’m a weightlifter and it’s plain dangerous for me to neglect mobility work, but it’s hard to discipline yourself to sit and stretch for a while! I also want to work on developing better focus and limiting distractions and multitasking when I work. Happy new year!


  6. I actually found that once I stopped buying paper towels, I didn’t really use them as much. We just use cloth and wash them once a week and save so much that way!

    I’m also with you on being flexible. It’s something I’ve been working on myself.


  7. Ever since I got married I just decided we wouldn’t buy paper towels and it’s worked out! Only when we have guest do I feel a little silly- haha!
    I’m on the same page with you re: goals. Not a hate or a love thing, but year long goals rarely work for me. I prefer weekly goals!


  8. Do I ever agree with being more proactive with studying!! Since we have many classes with more then 1 midterm I think this will help us! However, if I study too early I tend to forget everything! Cramming is weirdly my friend. Have a great weekend and P.S those new years drinks look super duper tasty, I spotted them right away ;)


  9. Goals are wonderful. I just think most of of us forget that they are just that.. goals. If they don’t happen as we planned them, that doesn’t make us failures. Anyway, thats just to say I agree with your mindset. Paper towels…so easy to grab… but tea towels can do the same thing! Good luck on the studying goal. You are by far a more dedicated student than I was for even making this a goal :)


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