What I Ate Wednesday: Back To It

Hi friends!

I feel like I am emerging from a little bout of blog hibernation today! The holidays ended up being more of a whirlwind than expected and I found myself sort of forgetting about my camera and my keyboard and my usual desire to document all the things. And I must say, it felt pretty great.

But as I begin my last day of winter break, I think I MAY just be sensing the first inklings of excitement to get back to a bit of a routine.


Whole Grain Carrot Pancakes+ Sunbutter + Maple Syrup // Banana 

Yesterday was my last day in Ottawa with my family and Josh and I did my best to shake the gloominess that sort of chased me around all day.

I spent all morning out and forgot to pack a snack (ROOKIE MISTAKE) so I was one hungry lady when I finally finished up my errand. But Josh had this lunch ready for me when I walked in the door and I wanted to write a song about it it was so good.


Toast with goat cheese +  sun-dried tomato jam + avocado {mashed with cilantro, green onion, garlic and lemon} // cucumber and carrot salad 

We capped off lunch with coffee and some of this chocolate because it was 2PM and I hadn’t eaten chocolate yet and that was very confusing to my body.


{Nut-free} dark chocolate

We snuck in a quick walk as the sun was starting to set and it was golden and beautiful.




I went home to spend some time with my family and my mom had extras of her smoothie that she so kindly offered me. I was a bit too happy about this timing.


kale + apple + banana smoothie 

For dinner we had one of my favourite-ever soups. Leeks, pears and potatoes are truly meant to be together.


leek + pear + potato soup // fresh bread and cheddar 

And then it was back to Josh’s for one last beloved mug cake. The Table for Two blog really should consider hiring me to do their advertising because I tell everyone who will listen about this little piece of heaven.

mug cake excitement


chocolate mug cake

As bittersweet as leaving home always is, I am trying to focus on the good because there really is a lot of it. I am heading into a semester of really interesting-looking classes, I get to be reunited with my lovely roommate today and the next few months are strewn with fun plans.

I hope that you’re getting back into a post-holiday groove and loving it.

Happy Wednesday! 



21 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Back To It

  1. Leak, pear and potato cake…whaaaa?! That looks unbelievably comforting and delicious. hahahah I laughed out loud about your 2pm chocolate comment. On point, girl. On point. I feel so much better getting back into a routine, too!


  2. I missed seeing you on here more often, but totally understanding not making it a priority. Honestly I thought I would be more pumped to blog during break, but it was the opposite.
    Josh is quite the chef! How awesome that both of you love to cook. I am just glad Terry doesn’t mind doing the laundry (haha).


  3. Yay! I missed your posts. :) The leek + pear + potato soup looks to die for! Are you going to share a recipe? I also love those carrot pancakes and wish I could somehow scale the recipe down to serve one. Also, the lunch that Josh prepared is so beautiful! Tonight I’m gonna have a mug cake with lots of PB. Thanks for reminding me of how AWESOME those guys are! I use the same recipe :)


  4. Everything looks so good to eat.

    I loved the snow pics and it looks like a good time was had by all.

    It takes time to start to heal from a tragedy, good that you are taking things at your own pace and doing things when it feels right again.

    Happy Wednesday Jacklyn!


  5. Josh made you that lunch upon your arrival!? Holy smokes – what a winner. And your mom just so happened to have a kale smoothie on the go? Wow girl – you surround yourself with good peeps. So glad you have been enjoying some quality time at home without feeling the need to blog. I think there’s too many other things to surround yourself with – I know I felt that way while I was home. Safe travels back to school. Leaving home can be sad but this semester will fly by!


  6. These eats look insanely delicious, such a nice walk you got to take too! I hope you enjoyed your last day off, however I am counting today as an extra day off because I made the perhaps foolish decision to not go to school for one class that is recorded haha, we will see if I regret my decision. Have a great day :)


  7. YUM! These eats all look so yummy! I know what it’s like when you’re running around and you finally get to sit down to lunch… so hungry! Josh is the sweetest! :) And your dinner looks super yummy! Potato leek and pear?! What a fun combo of flavors! Also, that side of toast with cheese looks super delicious! Thanks for sharing your eats!
    Xoxo- Cailee @ http://hellohealthyeating.com


  8. Oh my goodness everything looks so yummy!! And seriously if I dont pack a snack I turn into the Hulk within 2 hours of not eating. Sometimes I think its mental, but I really do eat several times a day, so when my tummy rumbles I need to feed the beast!!


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