The (Actually) Important Stuff

Hi guys. How are you doing?

Some events this past weekend have me in a state of reflection about this season and how easy it is to completely lose sight of what it’s really about. It’s certainly not a revolutionary reminder, but when my family got news this weekend that a relative had been in a severe accident, a lot of things that have been at the forefront of my mind were reduced to an importance of ZERO.


The Christmas presents that have yet to be purchased are suddenly not stressing me. The exercise I haven’t had time for isn’t nagging me. And while I’ll give my best effort on my last final tomorrow, getting an A seems so very inconsequential.


What IS seeming really important is that I have a united family that crammed into a little space to cry and to communicate and to lean on each other. That I get to do life surrounded by people who show me in so many ways that they love me fiercely.


And I’m pretty convinced that is what this season is meant to be celebrating. Don’t wait for something terrifying and heartbreaking to make you stop and take a breath. There will be time for the to-do lists later.


So here’s to a week of pouring out love and gratitude all over the place. There’s no better time to soak up your people than at this very moment.

8 thoughts on “The (Actually) Important Stuff

  1. Such a beautiful post with gorgeous photos to go along with it. It is sad that sometimes it takes tragedies to bring you back to reality and realize what the important things in life are. We have all been there! I hope your family has a wonderful holiday season, it sounds like you all deserve it!


  2. Aw, I hope everything is okay with your family member. It’s sad that it takes such events to remind us to keep things in perspective. You are so right – so many things we build up are inconsequential in the scheme of things. Good luck on your last final and hope all is okay.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear that Jacklyn, it really is important to never lose sight of that over christmas, after all, it is what the season is truly about. I wish more kids were thankful at Christmas and that less people were stressed about money and gifts, its sad to feel like we’ve detached ourselves from the true meaning of the holidays sometimes. I so very hope that your relative is okay, he/she is in my thoughts


  4. What a scary, horrible feeling. So very sorry you guys are going through this! How amazing though that you have a tight knit family. “Time for to do lists later” -> I’m going to use that as this season’s mantra.


  5. I’m so sorry to hear this, Jacklyn. This, no doubt, has not been an easy time for you or your family. So wonderful that you are so close and have such supportive, loving people surrounding you. A true blessing. And thank you for the reminder of what is truly important and beautiful about this season. Thinking of you <3


  6. I think we all can lose sight of what is the most important and you are so beyond your years in learning that now….for some of us, it can take a whole lifetime.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time; may it get better for all of you by each passing day.


  7. Echoing what folks have said above – my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time, and you just put it all into focus what family, friends, and community are all about. Hugs and good wishes for you and all of yours this holiday season Jacklyn!


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