What I Ate Wednesday: Delicious Deliveries

Hi friends!

Oh how I wish I had a bit more time to chat today. I am writing my first of five finals and it’s going to feel so good to have even just one scratched off the list.

As for food, that has been something else around here lately. My friend Chloe, who’s from France, made an apple pie for my birthday that you’ll see below. Did you know that French apple pies are nothing like American apple pies?! I feel like I just discovered a whole new world and it’s a really good one.

And a couple of my best gal pals from school made a surprise Nutella brownie delivery as a little belated treat last night. Ohhh how it reminded me of just how much the little things can make us feel loved. And may I just say that whomever first had the idea to put Nutella in brownies deserves a lot of recognition.

Here’s a peek at what kept me fuelled on Monday through my day of studying and evening of chatting away with Chloe. Intense catch-up sessions require proper nourishment too, people.

I have been eating this breakfast as if it’s going out of style lately and I don’t foresee myself getting sick of it because there are so many ways to change it up! Toast or pancakes instead of a muffin, scrambled eggs instead of over-easy and any fruit your heart desires.


banana oatmeal muffin with Sunbutter // over-easy egg // fruit


one of approximately 17 handfuls of carrots with hummus 

My mom brought me some split-pea soup when she visited on the weekend and I was so thankful to have it as I rushed out the door to campus. It tasted much better than it looked.


split-pea soup // toast with butter and jam 

I got hungry again shortly after lunch and whipped up a big smoothie. It’s amazing how just a few blueberries make smoothies so good but SO ugly. ha.


almond milk // spinach // frozen blueberries // frozen bananas 


Chloe and I had dinner at one of my favourite little cafes where choosing a sandwich is always a serious conundrum. So many amazing concoctions! But this choice was a very very good one.


cranberry sauce + brie + walnuts + tuna + alfalfa + cucumber // carrot soup // salad

I so wish I could give you all a slice of this to try! Isn’t it a thing of beauty?


Chloe’s apple pie

apple pie

And on a completely unrelated-to-sugar note, if you happen to be in the market for a lower body-focused workout, I did this one this morning and loved it.

I hope your week is off to a GREAT start.

And tell me, have you been eating anything wonderful lately?!

P.s. Happy WIAW! The link-up is here this week.

18 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Delicious Deliveries

  1. I have to watch myself with baby carrots or soon the whole bag will be gone and I’ll have a massive stomachache!
    That sandwich looks so incredibly good I may just cry! It’s a combination of my favorite things.
    I was writing my post last night after midnight and was thinking to myself “keep this short”, but apparently I don’t really know how to do short. Haha.


  2. Ouh, yummy-looking apple pie!! :0 That sandwich looks like the same exact sandwich I would probaby go for if I was at that restaurant. This looks like an awesome day of eats, hope your exam went well today and GOOD LUCK with nutrition studying!


  3. I ordered apple pie in Paris and was HORRIFIED by what came out. I did not look like that delicious one you had. Oh and it had a dollop of sour cream on top. I was so confused.


  4. I was looking at Chloe’s apple pie over and over (before I read the caption below it) trying to figure out what it was. To me, it looked like some type of enchiladas. Then, when I did read the caption I thought “oh duh, how did I miss that” especially since you had mentioned it earlier in your post. It truly does look like a work of beauty and I am sure tastes like it looks too.

    Have a great rest of your day Jacklyn! :)


  5. Well thank you miss – you’ve officially inspired my breakfast for tomorrow.,. and I am soo excited for it. Tuna with brie!? Interesting! I guess anything with cheese is a winner though really. Congrats on scratching exam number one off the list. Only 4 more to go!! I hope there’s enough apple pie left to fuel you through the next ones.


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