Hi guys!

It may or may not be my birthday today. Okay I’ll tell you… it is! ha. When I first realized that it would fall on a Monday this year, I thought it was pretty lame. But I’ve decided that Monday birthdays are actually where it’s AT.  Weekends are usually already fun, whereas when else does a Monday include chocolate at breakfast, consumption of your favourite cake and a sleepover with your best friend?!

In other news, it’s officially finals, which comes with pros and cons. Okay well there aren’t actually that many pros and there is one big con: I feel sort of guilty spending time on the blog, which means there may as well be a dagger through my heart. So today I thought I’d just pop in real quick and share a few highlights of my birthday celebrations with my beautiful mom yesterday.

ma and i

But I should mention that if all goes as planned, you can still expect regular posts in the coming weeks! In fact I’ve got a recipe and workout coming your way, both of which I am very excited about.

Well first things first, she brought me a little sampling of some of her recent Christmas baking and oh myyyyyy.

How do mothers always seem to know the perfect gifts?!



She also came with a mini tree in tow and I am a bit too excited about. A few feet of fake pine somehow still go such a long way.


A trip to the gym found its way to the itinerary, where she kindly took pictures of me for aforementioned workout post.


When night fell (um okay it was actually 4:30 because #daylightsavings), we took a little drive on a hunt for Christmas lights. Such a December favourite of mine!


And we capped off the night at one of my favourite local restaurants. Full wineglass, full plate and full heart.


This past year was one in which I became more certain that my field of study is so so right for me, fell deeper in love and found a new passion that came with a whole bunch of new friends (BLOGGING).

Feeling extra thankful today for you guys and the joy that this space brings me.

If you feel so inclined to find yourself a piece of cake to help me celebrate today, that sounds like a pretty great idea to me. ha!

Happy Monday guys!


25 thoughts on “21

  1. Aww, Happy Birthday, Jacklyn!!! Thanks for giving us the gift of your sweet self & this awesome post on your special day. Wishing you so much love & blessings in the coming year. 😘😘😘


  2. Okay, so I thought we had it bad with it getting dark at 6, but 4:30?! What yikes! That must be rough for the kids riding the bus home from school!
    Anyways, on to more important things… happy birthday!!!!! I would say enjoy a legal glass of wine, but then I remember that you’ve already being doing that! ;)
    I hope you have freaking awesome day with lots of chocolate and snuggles from your loved ones!


  3. Happy Birthday!!! Aw now I’m especially glad you got to spend the weekend with your mom. We all deserve a little mom attention on our special days. Its so nice to hear you are feeling excited and passionate about your studies (even at this exhausting time. aka finals)… really a true blessing to feel this way. And christmas light hunting!! So special!
    I hope today, amidst whatever class or studying you have to do, you intersperse it with all the things that make you smile. Enjoy!!


  4. Happy birthday Jacklyn! It happens to be my birthday too :) It’s definitely annoying that it falls during finals time every year, but I agree, I’m liking this Monday birthday thing. Hope you have a great day!


  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!! I’m glad you got to spend some time with your sweet mama!!! She sounds awesome- Christmas cookies, a Christmas tree, presents, holiday light site seeing!! It sounds like the perfect time!!


  6. I love looking at the christmas lights, my favorites are the ones that shoot out a bunch of green and red stars all over the house, have you seen those? SO pretty! oh and of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you don’t study too too hard today, and also good luck on the upcoming finals!!


  7. Happy Birthday Jacklyn! May this special day bring you all that you desire.

    I am keeping this short just to show you that I can. :)

    Happy Monday too!


  8. Happy Belated Birthday Jacklyn!! I love love love how close you are with your folks, and you and your Mom are so adorable in pictures together :). Glad it was a fun day (even for a Monday) and good luck with finals!


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