What I Ate Wednesday: The Chocolate Party Edition

chocolate fountain

I have a little list of topics that I’m really excited to share in future What I Ate Wednesday posts. Most of them are more touchy-feely topics that are on my heart, and a few are more nutrition-related. But yesterday when I sat down to write this post, all I could think about was CHOCOLATE.

And when chocolate begs to be the highlight of my little corner of the internet, you best believe I deviate from my list and oblige.

You see, my faculty has an annual Chocolate Party (I KNOW) and last night was the night. Despite the fact that all I could think about was chocolate, I did manage to eat some other food throughout the day.

Vegetable plates and chocolate fountains. Balance is such a beautiful thing.

I’ve been trying to amp up my breakfasts a bit lately because my appetite is in serious over-drive in the mornings and if I have a wimpy breakfast I seem to get hungry almost right after I’m out the door. And while I love eating, I’ve got places to go and classes to attend and sometimes it’s just impractical to eat every 5 minutes. This breakfast stuck with me for a few hours!


banana pancakes (I sub whole wheat flour) + Sunbutter + hemp hearts //
over-easy egg // grapes // milk

As if I wasn’t already excited enough about the day on account of the whole chocolate thing, I woke up to Montreal’s first sheet of snow. Ohhhh my goodness it was one happy walk to school.

Snowy Road.jpg

Apparently my body didn’t get the whole winter memo because I’ve been craving salads something fierce the last couple of weeks.


kale blend // tomato // avocado // carrots // peas // corn //
chickpeas //  sundried tomatoes // balsamic vinaigrette 


When I got home from the gym at 4:00 I was hungry, so I made myself a big snack plate and declared it the world’s earliest dinner. I was determined not to spoil my appetite for chocolate (that’s how it works, right?) so this was perfect.


veggies + hummus // whole wheat pita + vegepate //
thawed frozen mango

The chocolate party is always on the dressy side so a couple of friends and I got ready together.

Getting Ready

Hiiiii cascading chocolate, thank you for making the world a better place.

chocolate fountain

Loved the Willy Wonka theme! I am due to watch that again.

Photo Booth

My plate of chocolate-covered fruit, pretzels, peppermint bark, brownie, sugar cookie and mini candy cane. Many other delicious miscellaneous bites were had.


Everything was so pretty and we followed up the chocolate-eating with some dancing to cap off a night that I didn’t think could get better.


A happy day, indeed. 

I hope that you have a great Wednesday and if you’re a fellow chocolate-lover, go get your hands on some! 

P.s. The link up of a whole bunch of WIAW posts is here this week!

32 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: The Chocolate Party Edition

  1. Those pancakes slathered with Sunbutter look incredibly good! And that chocolate fountain, of course. You are a lucky girl! Your lunch salad is so deluxe. Good for you for craving salads in the winter :)


      • Awesome! How many pancakes do you make at once? Enough for two servings?
        I agree about them becoming a little soggy :)
        Yummy! I’ve never tried zucchini raw, but I’m a HUGE squash fan so I’m sure that would be tasty! Your meals look so delicious :)


      • It’s not something I’ve looked into tons but overall I would say there are certain nutrients that suffer from being cooked (like Vitamin C) and others that don’t at all (or that even get enhanced by it, like lycoepene!) I also think it’s pretty well established that certain cooking methods result in less nutrient loss than others (e.g. steaming is better than boiling). But at the end of the day, I think the focus should just be getting enough and for each person to find ways that they like them best!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. A chocolate Willy Wonka themed party sounds like a fun idea! And a chocolate fountain?! Love it!
    I think I will regret saying this later this winter, but I’m so jealous of your snow!


  3. Umm…….. say what!?
    You had me just at “chocolate”… but a chocolate party? Themed Willy Wonka!? My god, someone was a genious,
    Sun dried tomatos in my next salad – yes. Vegepate – still can’t find anywhere! What grocery store do you get it?


  4. Chocolate party!? As soon as I saw that title, I got superrr excited to read (as I eat my chocolate chip pancakes). Can I come next year? I promise I’ll bring delicious chocolate-y things. haha. Have a great Thanksgiving!


  5. It sounds like this was the night of nights and everyone was happy.

    I think that when we have those huge cravings for a particular food that our bodies are saying what they need and want. Last night it was fresh white mushrooms fried an e.v. olive oil and canola oil.

    Dark chocolate is good for us, my doctor even suggested I have some daily….like everything, I think that moderation is the key. And, hot sauce (I love Valentina’s which I find is similar to Chulula but much less expensive.

    Have a happy SNOW time Jacklyn!


    • Ohhh I love the sounds of your mushrooms. You seem to have such a healthy approach when it comes to food and to thoroughly enjoy it. That is awesome. I’ve never tried Chulula but have certainly heard many good things. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on some Valentina’s.
      HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Randy!! :)


  6. I love the chocolate party! I didn’t make it this year unfortunately. Actually do you remember how much it was snowing at last year’s chocolate party?? I didn’t have my winter tires and got in a little accident on my way home, I lost control and went off the highway! It was scary haha, the chocolate party that wasn’t so sweet after all ;). This year’s looked so much fun though! :)


  7. I always crave salads because I just super <3 veggies. Your salad looked awesome! Especially those sundries tomatoes (they make my life better! Add those things to erryythang ha!) Although I'm not much of a chocolate person (only if it's a vessel for something like peanut butter or caramel is really the only time I will choose that flavour) if it was a caramel or pb fountain oh baby, they need to invent that :-D

    Overall thats such a cool and fun idea for a get together!


  8. Is there a specific grocery store (and section in the grocery store) you find Vegepate at? I’m in Ottawa and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Please help – your recommendation has made me want to try it – thanks :)


    • Hey Jes! I haven’t had too much trouble finding it at any mainstream groceries stores (my Metro carries it) but be sure to take a look in the section with the HUMMUS! I wouldn’t have expected it to be there, but so far, that’s where I’ve found it every time. If you’re still having trouble though, don’t hesitate to let me know and hopefully I can offer a more specific suggestion. It is totally worth hunting for, in my opinion! :)


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