Weekend Highlights: A Happy Whirlwind

Hiii and happy Monday guys!

I am on my way back to Montreal this morning but was home in Ottawa this weekend and got to see so many of my favourite people. Ohhh to have a heart so full.

When I got home on Friday night, we headed out to see a good friend who’s moving to Japan for a few months (!!!) It was a bit of a reunion from our pre-university days and I soaked up every minute.

Drinks with Friends

I am so fond of this human.


The only disappointment of the night was when I ordered a mojito called the Lava Lamp, and it didn’t end up looking anything like a Lava Lamp. False marketing, if you ask me. Ha! I’m totally kidding and it was delicious.

Cocktail and Beer

I headed home to catch up with my family on Saturday  and do a bit of prep for our Sunday morning book club meeting. I really miss cooking with my mom so some afternoon kitchen time was such a treat.


Mojo is like “Jacklyn… this isn’t my good side”.


For dinner we had this delicious soup and bread. I consider steaming carbs one of life’s greatest pleasures.


And then it was time for some glow-in-the-dark mini putt (umm good concept or good concept?!) with two couple friends that we’ve been trying to arrange a triple date with forever. They are two of the world’s cutest pairs and I’m so glad we finally made it happen!

putting edge 2

putting edge

When Sunday rolled around it was book club and I was a bit too excited. I contributed this overnight cinnamon roll recipe to the spread, which is in one of my all-time favourite things to bake. I was totally intimidated by working with yeast the first time but I promise that this recipe is fool-proof!



This meeting was about Justin Trudeau’s book so we felt that he should make an appearance .




Love each of these hands so much <3

book club hands

Afterwards, Josh and I settled in at one of our favourite coffee spots for some homework. I wrote about 1.5 sentences of my report in the hour we were there. You win some, you lose some.

Ministry of Coffee.jpg

I am starting to feel the Christmas spirit sneak up on me ever so slightly and sights like this aren’t hurting.


Does anyone know a name for this tree other than the “tiny red balls” tree? I love them!


I have a busy week ahead but am so ready for it.

Hope you had a weekend that made your heart and belly feel full.

Did you see anyone you hadn’t seen in awhile? 
Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? 

13 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: A Happy Whirlwind

  1. Weekends at home are so meaningful! I used to pack mine really tightly too. The book club was a great way to see a lot of people… I love that you had a cut off of him, hehe.

    Your lava lamp drink may not have been true to its name, but it is rather interesting looking!


  2. Seems like you had a nice weekend! Nothing beats spending times with family after a long week in school.

    I’m curious about the name of the tree too. There are quite a lot in downtown.


  3. Totally did not realize that was mint in your mojito drink and thought it was some crazy green sludge… I was both impressed and worried. Sounds like SUCH a nice weekend.. nothing beats time at home (especially when getting in the xmas spirit).


  4. I love how Justin Trudeau was a part of your book club meeting! That actually made me laugh out loud :D It’s so sweet that you and Josh got together at a coffee shop for homework (and funny how you wrote about two sentences!) Weekends really are the best! Also, your doggie is so adorable and I love those cinnamon rolls :) Can’t wait till Christmas!


  5. It looks like you had a super great weekend with Josh, your family and your friends. Wow, you packed so much into your weekend that started with that giddy feeling which seemed to continue all of the weekend. Those kinds of times are so priceless!

    I am getting excited about our Thanksgiving this Thursday….we still are entertaining different options so we had better decide soon. Then, Christmas season begins and I am getting excited already. I have even gotten Carolyn one gift already! Our little town of 976 people decorates all of the streets with Christmas decorations each year that are beautiful….thanks to our great public works and fire department.

    Enjoy your week Jacklyn and TRY to not study too hard, ok? I plan on a great week here.


    • I was forgetting that American Thanksgiving was fast approaching. That’s so exciting! You’ll have to let me know what you end up making and eating. Aww your town sounds so beautiful. Wish I could see it all decorated!
      Have a GREAT week and Happy Thanksgiving, Randy :)


      • Yes, our little town does it right for Christmas,

        Since it is just the two of us (plus two canines and two felines) we decided to go out for Thanksgiving dinner. Carolyn and I will be making some of our special Thanksgiving dishes though to have when we want them.

        I didn’t want you to get the impression that I am a “perfect” eater because I am far from it….I eat way to much pizza and things like that too, but I do try to use better ingredients and read labels on food before buying. :)


  6. I thought those cinnamon buns were from a package or something, you made them yourself?! That is crazy skills, must of been so good!!! I am so sorry your drink didn’t look like a lava drink, seriously thats a lot of expectations that were ruined right there! I laughed when you said you only got about 1.5 sentences in, ah those types of study sessions are all too familiar!


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