A New “Life” Playlist + 5 Little Goals for Next Week


Anyone else feeling giddy in true Friday fashion?! I have so many fun plans this weekend and am going to do my best not to act like a hyper six-year-old all day. We’ll see how it goes.

It occurred to me this week that there are a whole bunch of songs I’ve been listening to on repeat that I haven’t shared. So obviously I had to get my beautiful roommate to take some pictures of me pretending to listen to music for the occasion (thank you, MM!)

I started typing out “you REALLY need to listen to this one” and “this one gives me crazy goosebumps”. But then I realized that I had something to say about each of them. So I guess I’ll just say that I really love each of them and leave it at that.

If it’s up your alley, I have a feeling you’ll like the first and second playlists I shared too!

On a completely unrelated note, the past few weeks Tina from Carrots ‘N’ Cake has been sharing a few goals at the beginning of the week and it always leaves me inspired to be mindful of a few things as I go about my own week. I am a total list person and love the feeling of having a few little things written down that I can check off. It’s cheesy but I really think it’s a game-changer for me so I roll with it.

1. Sleep at least 7.5 hours per night

I always seem to get into bed at a reasonable hour and give myself a pat on the back, but then my “quick Instagram scroll” turns into a 75 minute vortex. WHOOPS. So this week I am giving myself a gold star each time my EYES are actually closed at a time that allows for enough sleep. I’m sure it’s the case for most, but I’m always amazed at how directly the amount of sleep I get affects my energy and mood.


(this scene minus the computer and lights! ha)

2. Try a new recipe or two. 

I am definitely guilty of making my favourite recipes over and over but I’m feeling like it may be time to expand my repertoire a bit. This recipe caught my eye as a potential dinner, and this one will definitely be happening for my sweet tooth.

3. Move more outside the gym.

Even though I make it to the gym most days, I’ve been realizing lately that other than my workout and my short walk to school, some days I virtually do.not.move. So I want to be a bit more intentional about doing little things like going to refill my water downstairs or sweeping my bedroom. Not to burn calories, but because sitting for 5 consecutive hours makes me feel like the Tin Man and I’m not a fan.

4. Watch “The Disappearing Male”.

My physiology prof’s research focuses on male reproduction so covering the reproductive system under her expertise has been SO interesting. She highlighted a few big rising concerns (that I was completely unaware of) thought to be associated to exposure to a class of common chemicals. Eep! She highly recommended this CBC documentary and I am really looking forward to watching it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 5.39.17 PM

5. Put some thoughts into Christmas Gifts

Every.single.year. I tell myself I’m going to be proactive about my Christmas shopping and every.single.year I end up being super last minute, and the result is often gifts that aren’t as thoughtful as I wish they were. This year I have exams right until the 22nd and know that finals will leave very little time for thinking about the holiday hoopla, so I’m hoping to get a head-start in the next couple of weeks. My big goal is to give personal gifts to the people I’m closest to, either by making them or procuring them locally. Wish me luck!

Enough about me though…
Do you have any goals for next week?
Any song you’ve been loving lately?

Hope you have the best weekend, guys! 


4 thoughts on “A New “Life” Playlist + 5 Little Goals for Next Week

  1. Sleep HAS to be an intentional thing for me. I am so bad about it waiting to late to get in bed despite knowing I have to be up at a certain time. My goal is to finish a ton of open ended projects for school. I am so ready for break and staying focused is not the easiest!!


  2. I love that Half Moon Run was found throughout that playlist, just my favorite album lately, SO MANY GOOD FEELS. I’m liking the list idea, I need to do this for school related tasks or else finals are gonna come around and I’ll find myself cramming like a mad women.


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