Weekend Highlights: Not A Book Was Opened

It’s funny how there’s a certain type of weekend busyness that leaves you feeling like you need 2 more days of weekend to recover, and another that leaves you feeling so alive and ready to get back to the grind. This one was the latter and HOLLA.

I was looking forward to walking through the door when I got into Ottawa on Friday because my parents have been working hard on a few renovations in the family room. There’s still some decorating to do but so far I think they are nailing it!


I got in pretty late but there was still plenty of time for some beer-drinking with my boyf (I feel like that’s a bit of an annoying word but it’s how my mom and I refer to Josh and I just can’t stop).

Josh L'Autre Oeil

On Saturday morning I made some muffins and got all caught up with my mom. Some dog-cuddling happened too. I feel like I notice her age a bit more each time I come home and it kills me. Why can’t dogs stay puppies forever?!DSC_0923


My roommate just so happened to be in Ottawa this weekend with her parents and it was so neat to see her out of context. We went for a stroll downtown and for a coffee shop date and I loved every minute of it. She is seriously the sweetest.



I was overdue for some good quality time with my grandma and got to spend the afternoon with her. She is back into cartoons with a vengeance and it is the most adorable thing. Also, I think we should all start playing more go fish.



Josh’s grandma (remember her from our trip to Newfoundland?!) was in town and celebrating her 80th. I was so so glad to be around to partake in the dinner festivities. This woman is a rockstar and a half.



Sunday my mom and I had reservations at a breakfast spot that was a little ways away and we were all excited for our mini road-trip. It ended up being the cutest, quaintest little place and the pancakes came in heart shapes so it was declared an annual autumn tradition. Ottawa friends, it was Heart & Soul Cafe in Dunrobin!

Driving to Dunrobin

Heart and Soul Cafe



Afterwards I got to catch up with this beautiful girl. We went from spending everyday together to only getting the odd weekend visit and I AM NOT A FAN. Needless to say, I savour her company in a big way when I do get to see her.


For old time’s sake, my parents and I played a round of Yahtzee after dinner with our tea. Somehow I turned 100 when I hit puberty but I am just going with it.


I got one last visit in with Josh and just like that, another weekend was in the books.

I hope yours was wonderful! What was the best part? 

15 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Not A Book Was Opened

  1. So many weekends go by without me doing nearly the amount of work I planned. But as I’ve learned – loved ones > school work.
    I would love to go that breakfast cafe… so dang cute! Now I want a pancake shaper so I can have heart shaped pancakes!


    • Oh, that is awesome!! Ahh so hard to choose favourite cafes haha but I would probably have to go with Equator Coffee (the Westboro location) and The Ministry of Coffee and Social Affairs. Neither is right downtown but they’re both in really cute neighbourhoods if you’re wanting to stray from the core a little bit!
      As for what to see, you can cover quite a lot in a relatively short walk downtown: Parliament, the National Gallery, the Canadian museum of History just across the bridge in Gatineau, the Rideau Centre, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Locks, the Supreme Court, the ByWard Market, the Rideau Canal etc. I love showing people all of those things!
      And if you’ve already seen the big landmarks or if you have extra time on your hands, the Glebe is a really cute neighbourhood with lots of shops! And lastly, Little Italy and Chinatown are very close to each other so that’s a fun trip too.
      I hope you have a great time, Eva! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow! Thanks for such a detailed recommendations! :D Definitely writing it down. :P I’m planning to go to Pure Kitchen for lunch, and I see that Equator Coffee is just right next to it. Can’t wait for it! You made Ottawa sounds much fun, as I’ve been told by many people that Ottawa is boring.. haha.

        Thank you! :)


  2. Aww, what a wonderful post! I really like how you are spending quality time with the people (and pets!) you love rather than stressing out about school. Unless you’re just not showing that ;)
    What muffins did you make? They look so yummy with those eggs. I just love your photography!
    And… you and your friends have seriously amazing hair. Is your hair naturally curly?! I LOVE IT


  3. Great post Jacklyn and yes, weekends are never long enough. It looks like you packed in a lot over your time home. I love your family by the way, they are so caring like you are.

    My wife and I didn’t particularly care for bf-gf either when we were dating but were at a loss as to what would be a better descriptor. I asked my dentist who was just finishing his dental schooling what did people on the uni campus say and he said most said bf-gf so we decided like you that we would continue to use that terminology even though it really was much more for us.

    We went out for Chinese dinner last night at our favorite place and really enjoyed it.

    Have a great week Jacklyn!


    • Mmm I love Chinese food – what a nice way for you two to cap off the weekend.

      And yes, titles can seem so limiting at time, can’t they? I suppose sometimes we just have to settle and be at peace with what something means to us, even though if can’t be accurately described by a word.

      Hope you and your wife have a wonderful week, Randy!


  4. You really value family time and I love that! When you said you hit 100 when you hit puberty I almost laughed out loud haha, sometimes I feel that way too. So many cafes and little social events, that must have been an amazing weekend!


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