What I Ate Wednesday: Loving my body. But like, actually.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the whole body image thing. More specifically, about how often I hear warm and fuzzy things on self-esteem campaigns and read inspiring self-love quotes on Facebook and how I’m always like “Oh I totally love my body. Yup. Check.” And then one hour later I walk by a mirror and find myself thinking that as much as I love it and all, I would REALLY love it if my arms were leaner, my abs more defined and my cup size one (okay two) bigger.


{pre-run banana with almond butter}

But the other day I took a step back and thought it through. I think a lot of us perceive our bodies sort of like a race with a finish line. If we just work a little bit harder and have a little bit more discipline, we can finish the race and live happily ever after. When we finally get rid of that little “problem area”, we’ll be able to strut around with confidence levels through the roof, cause um, we’ll be hot shit. Maybe next summer, we say.

Running Collage

{scenes from my run}

But what’s becoming more and more clear to me is that if I hold on to this mentality, I am going to find myself 80 years old and realizing that I spent my whole life ALMOST loving my body. There is never going to be a time when there is nothing I would change if I came equipped with an airbrush. And I don’t say that to be a big downer. I say it because what’s also becoming clearer and clearer is that my body is enough right now. This very instant.


{post-run toast with butter and jam and cheesy spinach eggs}

What drives the point home for me is thinking about my friends. I get teary thinking about how much I love my closest friends. And my love for them doesn’t come with a list of things that I wish I could change. In fact I’m not sure that would even qualify as love. I just love them for everything they are right now because they’re them and that’s enough.



Veggie Sandwich

 {veggie sandwich with Végépâté, avocado, hummus, cucumber and tomato}

So I have a new goal for myself. And that’s to take a step back and do my best to see myself like a friend. I know it’s not a new concept and one that some probably think is really cheesy but it’s a powerful one for me. If I heard someone talking about how they wished their friend were more x, less y and better at z, I would be like “you’re lame. Just love your friend.” And yet I have the thoughts about myself without batting an eyelash. THAT’S lame.


{roasted veggies and spicy chocolate tofu over quinoa}

I don’t want to be an 80 year old and feel like I spent my whole life running a race that I thought had a finish line that didn’t end up being there. How exhausting does that sound?! I want to look back and remember how much I appreciated the body that was SO good to me. I want to STILL be loving it and rocking my wrinkles like they’re badges of honour.

So here’s to loving our bodies tomorrow, when we’re 80 and at this very moment.

P.s. Happy WIAW! There are a whole bunch of other posts to gobble up here. Hope you have a really great day.

26 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Loving my body. But like, actually.

  1. I think what you said about there always being something we want to change is so important. The only way I know to be completely satisfied with my body is not give it much attention except for walking, feeding, and bathing it.That sounds silly, but I don’t know if I will ever not want bigger boobs or a tighter stomach. So I love it madly by taking care of it!
    Food wise, I am really intrigued by the vegepate. What’s that like?


  2. I completely understand that we always kind of work out or wear cute clothes or do make up because of wanting something to be different. I think I’m coming, by God’s grace, to more of a thankfulness for the things in my body that won’t ever quite be ‘perfect’, because they help me depend on Him more. And your food pictures are SO perfect! :)


  3. Love this! I was never one to be too harsh with my body and I think that’s because I’m comfortable in my own skin! But obviously there are things I wouldn’t mind changing, that is definitely for sure. I think what really brings us down these days is social media and all these perfect girls who love to show themselves off. I’m not too sure why these kind of girls are so popular, shouldn’t we not want to be like that?! Anyways, I went on kind of a tangent, but I just really agree with everything you say here :) P.S the food looks so good, and that sandwich is something else entirely wow!


  4. BEAUTIFUL post my friend. Like wow. And I agree 100%. What are we waiting for when it comes to loving our bodies? Thankfully I am better at this now, but not too long ago I was always saying “well, when I fit into a size 6” or “when I can run a mile without stopping”. Now I focus on what my body does for me NOW instead of what it could do in the future. Of course its great to have goals and something to strive for – but lve shouldnt be dependent on that!!


    • Thank you!! I think that’s a really good point that just because we’re satisfied with our bodies right now doesn’t mean we can’t still have goals. And it makes me so happy to hear of your shift of perspective. I’m still not quite where I want to be in terms of my mindset and that gives me such hope!


  5. I love your insights here. Body image is something, unfortunately, that I think our society has caused many problems. But outlooks like this are how we beat it, thanks for sharing! I think we should all make lists about the wonderful things about ourselves and look at it every morning – no shaming! UM, your veggie sandwich looks like something I would order in a restaurant. I want it. Does it taste like tempeh?


    • Ahh love the actual list idea. And yeah, I have a feeling that sandwich will on repeat around these parts for the next little bit! I wouldn’t compare it to tempeh – there’s not really the same “nuttiness” (despite being sunflower-seed based) and there’s a very distinct savoury flavour that reminds me of stuffing!! Can’t recommend it highly enough if you can get your hands on some :)


  6. Beautiful and so true! I was just thinking about this idea a few weeks ago. I was getting all down on myself for not looking the same as I did before I had my daughter. But, then I started thinking about all I had to be grateful for: this body that allowed me to carry, deliver, and care for my child. And how I didn’t want to be 80 years old thinking that I never enjoyed myself. Or ate the chocolate.
    I would much rather eat the chocolate ;)


  7. The other day I was in a yoga class, and I looked around and I thought to myself that I appreciated everyone else’s bodies and I thought everyone else’s bodies were beautiful. Why couldn’t I always extend that same graciousness to myself?


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