Weekend Highlights: Little Treats, Big Joys

I think a huge part of what makes weekends special is the simple fact that we perceive them as being special. I always leave campus Friday night with anticipation of the little ways I’m going to treat myself. And I think having an amazing couple of days ends up being somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Don’t get me wrong: not having to rush off to school in the morning and getting to spend more time with my people go a loooong way. But my food also gets a bit more indulgent, my bedtime more flexible, my wine glass fuller and my sense of responsibility a bit reduced.

Weekend or not, I think we should be conscious of finding little ways like that to treat ourselves. And not just when we’re burnt out and feel like digging ourselves a hole to take a 45 hour nap in. As cliche as it is, there is so much joy in the little things. That said, a little peak at my weekend!

I met Josh at the bus station after school on Thursday and we went straight out for pizza at one of my favourite places (Violet Angel). We had so much to catch up on and I was on cloud nine.

Violet Angel

I’m lucky to start late on Friday mornings so that pancakes can be a thing. I used this recipe with half whole wheat flour and um, YUM.


Josh came to school and worked in the library while I was in class. If someone took seventeen thousand pictures of me everyday, I would probably start making faces like this too.

Josh in Lib

We had a little after-school snack to fuel a bit more homework. P.s. Goat cheese + Honey = wow.


The one thing we knew we really wanted to make this weekend was crispy smashed potatoes à la Oh She Glows. This recipe changed the way I feel about potatoes.



Mug cakes at midnight also made an appearance. Vanilla one night and chocolate the next. I think the chocolate one is just out of this world, but I’m pretty partial to chocolate at all times, so I may not be the most objective judge.


I kept my pyjamas on until the afternoon on Saturday which is a pretty good indication of a great day in my books.


These baguette french toast bites from Sally’s Baking Addiction are heavenly. They remind me of cinnamon rolls except they take 10 minutes to make. Seriously, make them part of your life.


Morning Kiss

We headed to the co-op for a change of scenery to do our afternoon studying. We brought along some date squares that his grandma had sent my way. Does anyone have moments of panic that they’re going to be the one grandma in existence who doesn’t make everything absolutely delicious?! It’s a lot of pressure if you ask me.



On Saturday night we had portobello “steaks” and this salad. Josh just fries the mushrooms in some olive oil with garlic and oregano and they are so hearty and delicious.



On Sunday morning, I bid farewell to Josh until next weekend. When I got back from the bus station I went straight to the gym, forgetting that it opens late on the weekends. They very kindly let me in ten minutes early so I had the place to myself for a while and felt pretty VIP.

Empty Gym

My walk home took me 3 times longer than it had to because there were so many beautiful leaves to admire.

Between Two Seasons

I was long overdue for some Facetiming with my mom so we got all caught up. (it had been approximately 24 hours. Not okay).

Mom Peace Sign

And then I parked myself inside (which the dreary weather made easier) to study for my (LAST!!!) midterm.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

What are your favourite ways to treat yourself?

16 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Little Treats, Big Joys

  1. Oh goodness your meals look incredible as usual! That pizza looks insane, as do the goat cheese and honey crackers! You and Josh are so cute. I’m also loving the carre aux dattes! Those were my favourite dessert in Quebec last summer. And yum with that chocolate mug cake. I made the same recipe a couple weeks ago and was completely blown away. SO fluffy and moist.


  2. Oh my god those pajamas. And that afternoon snack!?! You are amazing. It sounds like you a had a wonderful, relaxing weekend full of time with your people and sooo much good food (holy new recipes batman – thank you!). Totally agree on your thoughts about “the little things,” and not putting so much pressure on the weekend to treat yourself. Why wait?


  3. That cheese plate is what my dreams are made of.
    Isn’t time with the man just awesome? Being away from each other is so hard (Terry and I were for 4 years), but it makes the moments together so much sweeter!


  4. Awesome looking weekend! It looks really productive, I definitely did not accomplish that much, I have troubles doing anything else but study when I have midterms (even with all the studying accounting just wasn’t my cup of tea), but do I ever agree with mug cakes at midnight! Best late night snack, besides popcorn hehe


    • I know what you mean – sometimes I find it hard to really enjoy activities when it’s exam time and all I can think about is the fact that I’m not studying. I found accounting pretty tricky too :( I feel like things in general just taste better late at night because it feels sort of rebellious haha! But popcorn is pretty up there :)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Those French toast bites look amazing! And I’m so glad you had such a nice weekend with Josh! Those pjs are so cute!!
    The grandma pressure is real!


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