I Am Where I’m Supposed to Be

This post is a bit out of the norm (no food – what?!) but it’s been on my heart lately so I thought I’d share. No worries if it’s not up your alley; I’ll be back Friday with a more typical post! xo

The other day, I got thinking about how I was feeling this time last year and the doubt I was facing as I started my undergrad experience. So today I thought I would take a little trip down memory lane. If you happen to be in a place of uncertainty about where you are or where you’re headed, I hope that some part of it resonates with you. And if not, I hope you enjoy a bit of story time.


Since Elementary School I’ve been saying that I wanted to move to Montreal for University. I am head-over-heels for the city and both of my brothers had great undergrad experiences there.

So when I stumbled upon the Dietetics program at McGill in Montreal I was SOLD. I would be learning what I was passionate about, living in a bustling metropolis and graduating with the title of Registered Dietitian. Rainbows and lollipops and puppies.

But I was thrown for a bit of a loop when I discovered that unlike most programs at McGill which are right in the downtown core, Dietetics is at a secondary campus in the middle.of.nowhere. I went to visit right after applying to get a feel for the town and I was NOT impressed. It was a dreary day, I saw a grand total of 3 people and walked from one end to the other in about 10 minutes. Needless to say, it was not what I had envisioned for my hopping university experience.


So I went back to square one and considered my options. Should I take a nutrition-based program at another school? Should I stick to McGill and choose a different major that would allow me to live in the city? Is there life on other planets?

But I think I always knew deep down that I had found the program that was meant for me. So I reluctantly started making my arrangements to move to Sainte-Anne and eventually the time came to actually do it. I had a tearful farewell dinner with my mom and found myself questioning what in the world I was doing here. I was away from Josh and my family in a town I didn’t really like with zero friends.


But oh how I wish I could go into the restaurant and have a chat with that Jacklyn.

I would tell her that time has such a way of making sense of things. That a year later, I feel so very at home in Sainte-Anne and that I have such peace and excitement about the path I’m on. That every weekend that I go home or someone comes to visit feels like Christmas (and so I get to have Christmas ALL THE TIME). That I have met wonderful people who make it impossible to be lonely. That I got such a false first impression of Sainte-Anne and that it is a town with such character. That I have settled into a lifestyle that makes me feel alive. That this past year has taught me a lot about who I am and how I see my future.

That I should have just trusted. 


For the record, I think sometimes we get a bad feeling about a situation that deserves to be listened to. Constantly being in an environment that brings us down is not something that I think should be approached with an attitude of “I just have to stick it out”.

But other times, we find ourselves in a place that we recognize is probably for the best but just don’t understand WHY right now. And in those times, I think it’s okay to have a couple of good cries and wonder aloud why things are going the way they are. But then I think we can choose to see the good in the little things and to open our eyes to the possibilities that doubt has a way of preventing us from seeing.


I don’t have scientific literature or a peer-reviewed source to back myself up, but more and more I find myself convinced that things really do have a way of working out in the end. And that when we look back, we realize – whether or not we did at the time – that we were exactly where we where supposed to be.


Let’s do Wednesday. 

21 thoughts on “I Am Where I’m Supposed to Be

  1. Wonderful words. Especially for someone about to head to a new place.
    I think it’s a personality trait to be able to be happy or content no matter your setting. Sounds like you have it. I think it has to do with being centered and focused, but also just really in love with life. I truly believe we can find happiness wherever we are at.


  2. I love this post. It’s so hard to trust in the moment when things don’t feel right. I’ve often wanted to sit down with my younger self and tell her not to worry. Things turn out beautifully. I’m so glad you’ve found your happiness even though it didn’t turn out how you envisioned.


  3. Love it! I have to agree that when I knew where the program was, I was so disappointed. And honestly, although I think Ste-Anne is cute and quaint, I would be 100% okay if it was downtown haha (would save me soooo much travelling). However, sometimes when I’m at the downtown campus of McGill, there is just so much people that I miss the quiet little campus in Ste-Anne. I guess it has its disadvantages and advantages!


  4. Love this post. A few years ago I took a leap of faith and moved from NYC to a small town in PA for a job. It was a huge adjustment being so far away from friends and family, and there were some tough moments, but I definitely look back at that time fondly and as a huge period of growth both personally and professionally. It is a special thing to be able to take a step back and appreciate the journey.


  5. This is such a wonderful post of reflection. I’ve definitely been there. Actually – this was me as I was beginning my dietetics program at Mount Saint Vincent in Halifax. The campus was sooo not what I was expecting or hoping for, but I learned I found enjoyment in things I wouldn’t have expected. Although my stay there did not last, I have had other experiences of choosing to not listen to those voices of doubt in my head…and rather listening to that little inner intuition.. and then realizing that, yes, it is all okay.


  6. You are a very wise person Jacklyn, much wiser than your years would seem to be.

    Your ability to think and come up with the right answers is quite a talent you have among many others and you will go far in life.

    It’s always good to think and to evaluate, let yourself feel and to re-evaluate your decisions about your life’s journey.

    It is such a pleasure to be able to know you and to hear about what is going through your mind at any given time.


  7. I had no idea that the classes are going to be at the mac campus when I first applied too. I was disappointed to find out that it’s not in downtown, but after I came here, I’ve fallen in love with the quietness and peacefulness of Ste-Anne! It could be boring sometimes, but I was glad to experience two sides of Montreal (downtown and small town).


  8. This was such a great post! I had no idea nutrition at McGill wasn’t in downtown – I’ve never been to St-Anne but it looks like such a quaint and peaceful place to live. I sort of felt the same way about Waterloo, a city that is known primarily for -40 winters, school life, and GEESE. But little by little I’m enjoying it more and more, and now I can’t see myself anywhere else!


      • Now I see nothing but the positives! The buses are incredibly convenient, the sunny days are warm and perfect for walks, I’ve made a lot of of friends who have lots in common with me, and there are so many coffee shops :)
        I’m a lot closer to QC now so I will definitely be visiting Montreal in the near future. I love it there! Do you speak French?


      • If I ever go to Montreal or Ottawa, or if you ever decide to come to Waterloo (… haha) we should definitely have a nice cafe meetup :)

        BTW I am so jealous! I’ve studied French in school for a couple years and spent one summer in Montreal and another in France, but my French is still pretty slow and I can only catch key words when someone is talking quickly. Good for you! :D

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