So Long, Snack Rut: My 5 Favourite Portable Snacks

The idea to share my favourite snacks came to me the other day, but I immediately discarded it. People don’t need to read your blog to know that greek yogurt exists, Jacklyn.

But then I got thinking about how often I hear people complaining of being in a ‘snack rut’ and I had a revelation: if we are all caught in a snack rut, but our snack ruts are all different snacks ruts, then we just need to SHARE our snack ruts with each other to get out of our snack ruts.

Are you with me?!


These are the 5 snacks that I pack most often. None of them are creative or uncommon. But perhaps there are one or two that don’t typically cross your mind as you’re leaving for the day and grabbing something to go.

It was nice knowing you, Snack Rut.

1. Fruit and Cheese

Having a bit of strong cheddar alongside my fruit keeps me full longer and satisfies my (seemingly constant) craving for the sweet-and-salty combo. Apples also work wonderfully instead of grapes!


2. Muffin with Nut/Seed Butter

I make an alarming number of batches of muffins but I just can’t stop because a muffin-stocked freezer is the best kind of freezer. I usually just give them a minute in the microwave, slather some type of nut/seed butter between the halves and take off running.


3. Pita and Hummus

When I buy a package of pita, I cut them all in half and stick the bag right back into the freezer. They thaw in minutes as good as fresh. Paired with some hummus = 10/10 (But what is NOT good when hummus is involved?)


4. Greek Yogurt

The protein in greek yogurt makes for a pretty filling snack and it is so customizable. I usually add cinnamon, vanilla and a bit of sweetener to plain yogurt. Maple syrup is pictured, but honey and mashed banana are great too.


5. Dried Fruit and Nuts

Such a winning combo. A bit of quick sugar from the fruit and some slower-acting fat and protein balances this one out nicely. I typically opt for dates, prunes or raisins and the world is your oyster when it comes to the nut/seed selection!


What are your favourite snacks?! Do tell.


18 thoughts on “So Long, Snack Rut: My 5 Favourite Portable Snacks

  1. I was feeling this way a little last week, so I bought a box of granola bars. Not a bad snack, but an expensive habit, seeing as much as I like to snack!
    Last week I snacked on Greek yogurt with pineapple, apples with cream cheese, and peanuts.
    I love how your snacks are “pairs”. I definitely think that it makes them more satisfying!


    • Yeah so true about the expense of pre-packaged snacks. I find that to especially be the case with ones that are a bit less refined. Mmm never tried apples with cream cheese – sounds so good. I feel like that combo would be delish on toast for breakfast too. Thanks for the idea :)


  2. I’m more of a big-meal person so I tend to have fewer snacks, but when I do need them, I love fruit + cheese, yogurt, and muffins just like you :) Mixing protein with a carb is my favourite way to power up if I need a boost after (or during!) class.


  3. You’re so right – not all of our ruts are the same, so sharing ideas totally helps get some variety! Some of my snack suggestions: tortilla/baked tortilla and salsa/guacamole/sour cream combo (air tight containers and a squeeze of lime helps keep the quac fresh), carrots/celery with hummus, pitas with those little flavored tuna cans, or mixing salsa and tuna together and putting it on crackers (sounds strange, but tastes great!). Thanks, and Happy Friday back at ya :)


  4. I am in SUCH a snack rut so this was so helpful and I especially like the portability factor. My favorite snack is anything with chocolate and/or nuts of some kind!


  5. Love your snack combos… I eat a lot of the same. I also keep banana oat cookies (basically mashed overripe banana + oatmeal and bake it) on hand, and eat them with almond butter or chocolate peanut butter. Other things include mini chickpea pancakes with hummus, roasted spiced chickpeas, pistachios & dried cranberries, and homemade no-bake snack bars/balls. Happy weekend, Jacklyn! :)


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