At-Home Stair & Circuit Workout + This Week’s Exercise


I haven’t been chatting a whole lot about workouts lately and I thought it was about time that be remedied.

First things first, I wanted to share a workout I’ve been loving lately. I think it’s a real keeper because it requires minimal space, zero equipment other than a staircase, and isn’t overly loud and stompy (I live in a duplex and am hoping to keep my neighbours in the ‘not-hating-me’ camp).


It’s perfect for those instances where you don’t have the time to make a trip to the gym but working out outside is a no-go (i.e. half the year in Canada). I just realized that this graphic is pretty maxed out in terms of girliness (girlyness?) but, fellas, I promise this is a good one for you, too.

Staircase & Circuit Workout

I don’t have pictures of the exercises because I think they’re all pretty straight-forward but definitely don’t be shy to ask if you have any questions!

Now, as for exercise this week! I really enjoy when bloggers share a full week of workouts to provide ideas and give a feel for how they incorporate variety into their routines. It probably would have made more sense to do this on Sunday at the week’s end, but let’s just roll with it, yeah?


4 km Run + Stairs (10 sprints up at the train station near my house)



Gym Circuit x 3:

5 min treadmill run followed by
– 10 step-ups onto high box (10 per leg)
– 10 lateral raises in sumo squat
– 10 Kettlebell Swings
– 10 Burpee Box Jumps (ouch)
– 10 bicep curls while balancing on BOSU
– 10 Stability Ball Pikes

I love this style of workout of alternating running and exercises because it keeps me super occupied and leaves me no time to get bored.


Youtube HIIT Video

My roommate loves to follow workout videos and when we went to the gym together on Wednesday I asked if I could join her. This is the 45 minute HIIT video we did in the studio we had to ourselves. It was so much fun and I hope it can be a regular occurrence!



Slow 3 mile treadmill run + 10 minutes core

I was feeling a little bit tight from the previous couple of workouts so I zoned out to some Bon Iver for an easy 3 miles (5 km) and then finished up with a bit of core.


The next few days are totally up in the air. I’ll probably sneak in a workout or two but there’s also a chance that I’ll find myself too busy spending time with my people and eating all the things.

Wishing the happiest Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians and the happiest weekend to everyone else <3 

18 thoughts on “At-Home Stair & Circuit Workout + This Week’s Exercise

      • That’s great advice. I’m more of a morning person so I prefer having breakfast, studying, then doing a little exercise (usually an hour of hot yoga – my favourite!) before relaxing and going on with the rest of my day.
        I feel guilty sometimes when I spend too much time in the kitchen :P


  1. Great balance of workouts! I’m the same way in trying to alternate throughout the week. I have passes for our work fitness program and our local Y, so my weeks normally look like: Run or Sculpt on Monday, Spin Tuesday, Weights or Core Wednesday, Zumba Thursday (seriously, the most fun workout, even if you have no rhythm!) and then either Fusion or Synergy Friday (Synergy is kind of a Boot Camp and TRX machine combo). Gotta keep the muscles guessing and the brain interested right haha? Wishing a very happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to you too…can’t wait to indulge a bit myself with friends and family this weekend :)


    • Wow that is such an amazing routine! Wish I could be your little shadow for a week and get to see all the classes :) (but one thing I do know is that I share your enthusiasm for Zumba!) I totally agree that incorporating a lot of variety is twofold physically and mentally. And THANK YOU! Ahh that sounds like the makings of a perfect weekend. Enjoy!!


  2. I love the circuit you put together! Body weight exercises are some of my favorites! It looks like a really good week of workouts! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  3. Happy Thanksgiving Jacklyn! I am not Canadian (American) but one of my best friends is so I keep up on all of the Canadian holidays. Have great things to eat!


  4. You go girl! My workout inspiration has been lagging lately, but I feel like circuits are manageable when tight on time.
    Last week was bust workout wise, so thank you for the inspiration to keep going! :D


    • Ahh I totally feel you. I try to remind myself when I’m having a little exercise ‘lull’ that my motivation always seems to come back naturally at some point and that way I don’t sweat it too much. I hope such is the case for you and that you’re back to looking forward to it in no time!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Your week of workouts is really balanced… love that! And I really like the “reverse ladder”-style workout- very challenging but not too overwhelming mentally. I will definitely be trying this one! Just curious as to how long it took you? (By the way, your pic is gorgeous…) My typical week: Monday: 2 bootcamp classes +/- 1 hr tennis, Tuesday: 5 walk, Wednesday: 2 bootcamp classes, Thursday: 10K walk, Friday: HIIT cardio, Saturday: 5K run, Sunday: REST! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you! We’re celebrating with some Canadian friends tonight… so fun!


    • Ahh your routine is so varied – that’s awesome! I love the inclusion of long walks – definitely one of my favourite ways to move. The reverse ladder took me about 25 minutes but only because I cut the stairs from 4 to 2 ascents during the last 5 rounds because I was a bit tight for time (totally should have mentioned that in the post!) Thank you and have so much celebrating with your friends!! It is certainly a lovely holiday to celebrate – especially on the food front hehe :)


  6. I like the idea of using that little studio room to do the workout, I might propose to my friends this week and try the HIIT workout! Dont be surprised if you find me in that little room doing the exercises haha ;). I liked this, my gym routine is always the same which might be out of laziness of me, but I’m consistent so it seems to work, however I’m interested in trying the circuit at the gym that you did!


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