What I Ate Wednesday: Just Because

I have written quite a few of these “What I Ate” posts and usually use them as a template for some sort of nutrition topic. I’ve showcased different days of eats, each with a different focus like protein, variety, fats, fruits and vegetables, iron and macros.


Breakfast: Pumpkin Banana Oatmeal // Dates // Coconut // Peanut Butter 

But as I snapped away at my food yesterday, I realized that despite my passion for nutrition and its impact on my food choices, a HUGE part of what I eat is dictated by what I feel like, how much time I have, what’s available, who I’m with, and let’s be real… how bored I am.


Lunch: Egg + Spinach + Avocado + Salsa Pita // Carrots + Hummus // Tomato

And I think that’s a concept we have to stop being so ashamed of. Sometimes we eat because we’re avoiding homework. Sometimes we eat because we know how much effort someone put into it. Sometimes we eat because it just looks SO GOOD. And I’m becoming more and more convinced that there is nothing wrong with that. 



So while it is my hope that I get to spend my life helping people eat to feel their best, the thought of encouraging someone to become a robot and to spend their day scrutinizing how ‘perfect’ their food choices were is one that makes me so uneasy.


Dinner: Cauliflower Alfredo // Brown Rice Spinach Noodles // Blanched Broccoli

And if you’re looking at my food and thinking it looks really healthy so what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about, know that I ate what I felt like. Some days that translates to a chocolate croissant, pizza and beer, and other days that translates to food like this. And whichever type of day it is, I do my best to enjoy every bite while reminding myself of what a beautiful thing it is to be an unpredictable human with unpredictable tendencies.


I <3 Werthers

And for the record, if food guilt is something you struggle with, remind yourself of how very human that is too. There are totally moments when food takes up too much space in my head and that I recognize that I’m being too hard on myself. But tomorrow is a new day to work on it.


Blueberry Oatmeal Greek Yogurt Muffin // Almond butter // Milk

So here’s to Wednesday that is so so savoured. The company, the sights and the food.

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28 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Just Because

  1. I feel like when you already are a healthy eater, eating what you “feel” like is probably still very healthy! I have at least found that for myself.
    The pasta is verypretty. Aren’t real noodles like heaven? I’ve never tried making a sauce from cauliflower, but now that I have a good blender I might just try it. Isn’t CCK the bomb? I love how easy her recipes are.


  2. I’m glad you addressed the food guilt issue. I think we’ve all been there and it’s not fun, but it is very normal.
    I love the idea of a cauliflower alfredo! It looks delicious!


  3. I totally agree that what I eat is based on several different variables. I love your take on food guilt and using food as a tool to avoid things we don’t want to do. Great points!
    My meals are dictated heavily by my schedule and the amount of time I took to prep and pack for the week. Like for this week, I made a huge pot of chili for dinners, but didn’t feel like making lunches this week, so I’ll be winging it today! Wish me luck!


  4. Please tell me where I can find the recipe for your breakfast? That bowl of oatmeal looks delicious!

    p.s. I’m a Werthers type of girl myself. I actually just had one :) Aren’t they good?!


    • haha yes so good! Homework is just so much more enjoyable when there is a Werthers in my mouth ha.
      And I didn’t follow a recipe but I believe it was 1/3 cup rolled oats, 2/3 cups almond milk, 1/3 cup pureed pumpkin, a couple teaspoons of chia seeds, 1/2 tsp or so of pumpkin spice, and 1 mashed banana. I just simmered everything other than the banana until it was nice and thick and then stirred the banana in. And then I usually top with either maple syrup or dates and nut butter :) Fall in a bowl!


  5. Completely agree with you! Being in the nutrition field can definitely take a toll on how you perceive and eat food. But putting all that aside and eating what your body wants you to eat is so important for mind, body, and soul.


  6. I love your philosophy on eating. I really try to eat what I feel like as well, which can usually mean too much nut butter and maybe an extra glass of wine that I didn’t need, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Your pumpkin banana oatmeal looks positively delicious!


  7. This is my first time on your blog Jacklyn, so I just wanted to tell you that I love your sidebar image. You are so adorable!! Also, your lunch is exactly what I want to eat right now, down to the tomatoes. I want that meal and I am on the hunt to find those ingredients at my college campus. :)


  8. Although I am super conscious about what I eat I have days where what I eat is super healthy and others where it really just isn’t, like today for example.. Huge brunch, raisin cookies and applesauce for… lunch? and supper which i followed with apple cake haha, not exactly the perfect nutrition plan! but, I don’t sweat it, I know I eat pretty healthy so I can permit days like today once in a while without feeling too guilty about it! Food guilt is definitely something many people can struggle with, but if we actually step back and realize that overall, our diet is healthy, then there should be no reason to feel bad! Love this post and that food looks amazing!


  9. Oh my goodness I totally freaked out with this post! Your breakfast looks divine. Pumpkin oats are next to whipped banana oatmeal in my list of oatmeal favourites! I would top that yummy bowl with some crunchy pecans :) And that lunch looks awesome! Wish I could come home to cook every day and make something pretty on a plate like you did here. And that cauliflower alfredo looks intriguingly delicious. Plus, I love love that dessert – muffins with nut mutter and some milk are truly the best way to end the day! Recipe?! :D


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