Friday Faves x

1. Fixing ‘Goopy’ Nail Polish

This is probably old news to some but I am always amazed at how effective it is to put a bit of nail polish remover in old nail polish that’s become hard to spread. It’s only a temporary fix, but for a little while, it’s like a new bottle.


2. My New Favourite Snack

Rice Cake + Hummus + Hot Sauce. This combo would never have occurred to me but I trusted The Hummusapien (<– awesome blog) and I am now hooked. Crunchy snacking perfection.


And speaking of hot sauce… THIS ONE. I think it has officially converted me into a ‘hot sauce person’.


3. This Five Year Old’s Reaction to Becoming a Big Brother. 

I had to take breaks during this because I couldn’t handle it. SO CUTE.

4. Freezing Tomato Paste

I used to hesitate before opening a can of tomato paste because most of the time I would use a tablespoon or two and end up throwing the rest away. No bueno. But at some point I discovered that it freezes and thaws really well so I now put 2 tablespoons-full in a baggie and freeze until they’re called for.


5. 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

This list of ten questions got me thinking.

6. Hot showers

This is a bit random but is it me or is the only thing as amazing as a cool shower when you’re really hot a hot shower when you’re really chilly?!


7. Slow-Cooker Recipe Round-Up 

This recipe round-up made me excited for a winter of ‘fixing and forgetting’. Also, crockpot brownies… excuse me?!

And I’ll leave you with this quote that hit home.

Mark Twain Quote

Here’s to a weekend where anger isn’t invited to the party. Hope you have so much fun!

Have you ever put nail polish remover in nail polish?

Do you use the slow-cooker much?

Anything you came across and loved this week? 

12 thoughts on “Friday Faves x

  1. I did NOT know that nail polish trick- how cool!
    I do something similar with tomato paste. I dollop out tablespoons onto wax paper until the can is gone, then i wrap them individually and put them all in one bag. I rarely use a whole can of it myself.
    Hot showers are like, my favorite thing ever, I never really want a cool one, even if I’m already hot. The heat is such a muscle relaxer!
    Enjoy your weekend girl!


  2. I cannot believe that I’ve never tried that nail polish remover trick!! Genius!
    The crock pot is one of my favorite appliances, possibly only second to my espresso machine.
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  3. I love that nailpolish and remover trick! Now if only I was better at painting my own nails. It usually looks like I took a paint roller to my hand! I love freezing unused portions and that tomato paste trick is genius! Thank you!
    I hope you have a great weekend!


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