Weekend Highlights: Work + Play

Hiiiii friends! How was your weekend?

Even though I only go to school two hours away, coming home for the weekend always feels like a mini vacation and it’s just the best. I make an effort to work hard during the week so that when I’m home – or someone is visiting me – I can get away with  being a bit less productive. So this weekend was a bit of work and a whole lot of fun.

When I got back to Ottawa on Friday evening we made a bee-line to the Army Run Expo to pick up our bibs before it closed. Ahhh expos make me so excited for race day!


It was still really nice out so my mom and I got comfy on a Starbucks patio to do some catching up.


My grandma invited a few of us out for breakfast on Saturday morning and I was so happy to see her. I get all shy about picture taking when I’m in a group so you can just go ahead and imagine a plate full of real good classic breakfast fare (HELLO BREAKFAST POTATOES)

Josh and I had a little window after breakfast to get some work done so we headed to The Ministry of Coffee. We started with the java (delicious capp for me) and then shared a beer to accompany our second hour of work. Anyone else feel like coffee and alcohol are becoming increasingly fused scenes?


Ministry of Coffee


We stopped at this cute little shop on the way home that was packed to the brim with trinkets. Underneath my smile in this picture I am really stressed that my backpack is going to break fourteen things when I eventually have to turn around to leave. It’s a tough life I live.


We had time to make dinner before our evening plans and there was no turning back after Josh said that he had pierogi. Does anyone share my fondness of these doughy little packages of goodness? Bonus that as we were eating, we estimated this meal to have come in at well under 5 dollars for both of us. Don’t mind if I do.


We took our happy wallets and bellies over to Cityfolk, an annual outdoor music festival here in O-Town. The Sheepdogs were a great show and then Of Monsters and Men came out and mesmerized me for an hour and a half. So wowed by everything about their performance.
Cityfolk Stage

Live music is just the biggest treat.


Sunday morning started bright and early; my dad, aunt and I made our way downtown for the 8 o’clock race start. We all did the 5k and my mom took on the role of chauffeur, cheerleader and photographer. You da real MVP, mama.



It’s such a well-organized event; 20 000 runners and everything feels so seamless.


I don’t feel like I’m in particularly great running shape right now so I was stoked when I found myself feeling great and running a pretty good (for me) time. There’s just something about running with that many people that is like nothing else. Wish I had more photos of the course; it weaves past Parliament and the Canal and is so picturesque. Topped with perfect weather and I really couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my morning.


Back at home I had a bit of baking to do for a very special someone’s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE <3 So excited to celebrate with you.


And then I headed off to a lunch out with Josh’s family and a big group of racers. My group-picture-taking-shyness was back in action so I have no photo evidence but the food was good and company lovely.

I was feeling really recharged and got another few hours of work in to wrap up a wonderfully full Sunday.


Going into the new week feeling refreshed and prepared and hope the same is the case for you.

What was the best part of your weekend?

Are you an Of Monsters and Men fan?

What’s your stance on pierogi?

16 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Work + Play

  1. I love getting to go home my parents, though I pretty much never get any work done. School work’s importance kind of becomes less pressing and I just want to hang!
    Congrats on your race- how fun that you ran with your Dad!
    Also, I honestly don’t think I’ve had a pierogi. It is now on my list to try!


  2. I’ve never had a pierogi either. It sounds delicious though! I’m glad you got to spend some time with your family this weekend and it’s so cool that you got to run a race with your Dad and Aunt!
    I also tend to get a little shy about taking food pictures in public.


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