Friday Faves ix

So first off, I had to google “roman numerals” to confirm that x was ten. Friday is off to a strong start over here, folks! ha

But in less depressing news, I am so so excited for the weekend. Hope you have lots to look forward to also!

1. Oh Wonder – Lose It

This song!!!! Can’t remember where I first heard it but I came across it on my Shazam list recently and have since listened to it dozens of times. Just so groovy and good.

2. Mug Cake

This recipe is definitely more on the indulgent spectrum of the “balancing act” but PLEASE MAKE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

3. Zoo art

Oakland zoo animals made news last week for their artwork that is to be auctioned off for charity. Say hi to Maggie! Part time Nigerian Dwarf Goat, part time hoof-painter. Whaddup! 
goat art

(photo: Erin Dogan Harrison/The Oakland Zoo/Associated Press)

4. Chef’s Table

This Netflix series features 6 different culinary stars and offers a little peak at the journeys that got them where they are (and a lot of crazy amazing looking food). Each episode is between 40 and 50 minutes and I’ve really enjoyed the four I’ve watched so far. Perfect for those we-want-to-watch-something-but-not-a-full-movie type of nights.

chef's table

5. Baby Proof by Emily Giffin 

I just read this book for the third time which is a bit hard to justify given the number of amazing books that I have yet to read. But I just love the story and some fluffier reading has been really nice as I plough through textbooks. If you’ve never read it and like a bit of chick-lit, you’re in for a treat!

Baby Proof

And finally, a quote that Jen shared on her instagram that spoke to me.

danielle laporte quote

Let’s go be edgy.

Happy Weekend friends!

8 thoughts on “Friday Faves ix

  1. Totally going to be edgy today. Me and Terry have been enjoying Chopped on Netflix, but that show looks really interesting.
    I definitely understand needing some light reading to balance out the textbooks. Or maybe I just need to bing watch TV. :)


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