The Weekend Food Prep That Didn’t Feel Like Weekend Food Prep

Does anyone else have a bittersweet relationship with food prep?

Having ready-to-eat food all week long? YESSSSS
Spending a whole bunch of time making food that isn’t for immediately enjoyment? MEHHH

But I feel like I really got the best of both worlds this weekend. As Sunday came to end, I realized that my fridge was really well stocked with snacks and meals for the week, despite my lack of designated “food prep” time. Instead, I was just conscious of making a bit extra as I prepared my meals on Saturday and Sunday and BAM: I had a whole bunch of food prepped and I felt like a ninja.

Saturday morning I made muffins to go along with the beauty that is Joshua-eggs. I left out a few for this week and a couple were sent straight to the freezer for later. I followed this recipe (first pumpkin baking of the season WOO!) We also had some cantaloupe with our breakfast so I cut up the whole thing for quick munching.



For lunch on Sunday I made a super quick brown rice noodle curry dish. There was enough left over for one additional meal, which I’ll be drawing upon during a quick lunch break this week.


Acorn squash made an appearance at dinnertime so I roasted a whole extra one while I was at it. I may or may not have cooked them with butter, brown sugar and maple syrup and it may or may not have been really delicious. When I need a snack or little bit extra with meals this week, I plan on giving a wedge a quick nuke!


While I was studying on Sunday afternoon I cooked a spaghetti squash and a simple tomato sauce.


Aside from providing last night’s dinner, it will also be good for at least three more meals and you best believe that I’m going to do my best to let none go to waste. But I don’t foresee it being a problem…


While I love cooking and don’t see it as a burden whatsoever, the beauty of this weekend was that I got to do most of my cooking done my favourite way; with a wineglass in my hand and my favourite kitchen sidekick at my side.


Friday’s Dinner: salmon steak // sauteed lemon-garlic broccoli //
crispy smashed potatoes with avocado aioli 

And now that Monday is upon us and it’s back to the solo-student life, I’ll have more time to focus on school, soaking up the Fall weather and FaceTiming my people.

Have a fabulous week, friends! And tell me… are you a food-prepper? Do you try to make enough to have leftovers?

20 thoughts on “The Weekend Food Prep That Didn’t Feel Like Weekend Food Prep

  1. I didn’t meal prep last week and I totally regretted it! I actually enjoy the process, it’s the giant pile of dishes at the end of it that I am not a fan of. That’s a great idea to go ahead and cook a few extra things while making a meal. I do this a lot with soups!


    • Yeah, soups are the best! Love that often they freeze well too. And I can definitely see how you could enjoy food prep – I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes something I look forward to more when school really picks up and it can act as a break from studying on weekends!


  2. Loving the meal prep idea…why didn’t I think about that this weekend? My favorite is when my husband and I make spaghetti…it last’s forever with just the two of us…no cooking for a few days!


  3. I also have a love/hate relationship with food prep. I wish I could be more spontaneous with our meals, but that does not work well with a hungry and impatient toddler (and mama!).
    Your pictures are beautiful, by the way!


  4. Agreed with the love/hate relationship! I love when it’s all over and I have a bunch of food to eat for the week! I never realize how time consuming it can be. I was prepping last night, and didn’t realize I was in the kitchen for over two hours! That Friday night dinner also looks delicious!


  5. crispy mashed potatoes with avocado aioli?!?! say what!!!! Omg my mouth is watering! All those words are my favorite things haha. I must admit I’ve never really food prepped, but I guess the way you did it this weekend is the way I do it too, I just had not realized! I love making those kind of dishes, like the noodles you made, and having extras for school, it always make for a much more exciting lunch :) This post made me realize I should start perhaps thinking ahead on the weekend and prep a few meals that might make my life easier throughout the week!


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