What I Ate: The Justin Edition (Spoiler: SO.MUCH.FOOD)

So my brother Justin. This is probably going to embarrass him, but in my eyes, he is a total athlete. Spending any amount of time doing exercise with him makes me realize that our bodies have a gear that, quite frankly, I don’t often push myself to. He typically works out 4 to 5 times a week for an hour and half or so and also seems to be off either playing softball, shooting hoops or gone for a run every time I turn my back.


So as you can imagine, Justin is hungry. Like, all the time. Often I feel like we’ve just eaten our dinner (during which he eats at least twice as much as I do), and the next thing I know he’s back in the kitchen for a snack. I sometimes laugh, thinking it’s a joke. But nope! Buddy boy is actually hungry again.

The other day, when Kate had her husband share a day’s worth of food on her wonderful blog instead of her usual “What I Ate Wednesday”, I realized that it was about time I had Justin snap away for a day. What impresses me so much about his diet is that he consistently opts for wholesome foods, even though his stomach is virtually always raging. To be perfectly honest, I can see myself resorting to quicker, more processed snacks if I ate as much and as often as he does, purely out of convenience. So GO JUSTIN!

He also has a really inquisitive mind and does a lot of reading about physiology that pertains to his workouts and nutrition within the context of fuelling and re-fuelling. For instance, the picture below is not staged. I just walked in on him reading this anatomy encyclopedia and I was like, “um I’m pretty sure we bought that as a coffee table book because it has a cool cover”. But I absolutely love his curiosity. And so many other things about him. I just really love him.


So without further ado, here is a day of Justin food. Thanks for taking the time to snap these, Justino! <3

Justin 4

Breakfast: quick oats in skim milk

Justin has a hard time eating when he first gets up, so this was eaten at 11 or so. Just in case you’re confused as to why there’s no real lunch!

Justin 5

Pre-workout: Skim milk 

Justin 6

Post-Workout: protein powder in skim milk and a banana 

Justin 7

Dinner: Steak, baked potato, yellow beans and a combo of skim milk and soy milk 

Justin 8

Dessert: Sliver of Cheesecake from my grandma’s birthday

Justin 1

A cold one

Justin 2

Evening Snack #1: Two Whole Wheat Bagels with Sunbutter
and Protein Powder in Skim Milk

Justin 3

Snack #2: Two whole wheat sandwiches with salmon, avocado and veggies 

My intention for this post wasn’t to do an in-depth nutritional analysis or explanation. I just think it’s really cool that eating is so individual; even two people living in the same home often end up gravitating towards very different eating styles outside of their shared meals. And to that I say, vive la difference!

I think the take-home message I get from Justin is that when we’re demanding a lot of our body, we can’t neglect giving it what it needs to be able to repair itself. And that can look a lot of different ways. For some, it means meat and dairy. Justin, for instance, loves milk and really takes advantage of its protein and carb content. But for others, it means nothing but plants.

Our bodies are pretty darn good at letting us know when they’re feeling sub-par and I think we owe it to them to be sensitive to those signals and adjust our lifestyles accordingly.

So here’s to moving lots, eating what makes us feel good and keeping everything balanced with the odd indulgence when our heart is calling out for one.


P.s. Here we are with our other brother, Joel, who I’m sure will be the star of another post sometime!

Hope you have a great day!

17 thoughts on “What I Ate: The Justin Edition (Spoiler: SO.MUCH.FOOD)

  1. I loved this! Your little bro eats lot like mine! He eats a ton and works out a ton- it’s great they know how to feed their bodies! Neither my brother or my husband likes to eat a lot in the morning, which is the opposite of me. This actually makes me miss my little bro.
    “So here’s to moving lots, eating what makes us feel good and keeping everything balanced with the odd indulgence when our heart is calling out for one.” —> this is everything!


  2. I love it that you are close to your brothers, that is soooo wonderful!! Yes, the guys eat so much and your brother is really keeping it balance. How cute is he that he’s reading the anatomy book… made me smile! :) Love your blog!!


  3. Great post! I love that your brother included his cold one and cake in his day of eats. Indulgence is an important piece of the preverbal pie!
    I couldn’t agree more how important it is to listen to the wonderful things our bodies will tell us if we only listen!


  4. This is very interesting! I liked reading about what your bro ate throughout the day. I’ve never lived with a boy before (other than my Dad, who basically eats whatever Mom cooks!) so this was cool to read. His salmon, avocado, and veggie sandwich looks so good! Good for him for exercising so much, too :)


      • Exactly! I also like how this post simply stated what he ate rather than analyzing and commenting on it in a judgemental way. Sometimes, as someone who eats on the healthier end, I want to criticize others when they don’t share the same opinions on food. Do you know what I mean? :P


      • haha yes it can definitely be hard to understand why some people make the food choices they do. But I had a class last semester that focused on the socio-economic aspect of food and it really opened my eyes to all the factors that influence a person’s eating habits. So I try to keep that in mind. But I still get you! haha

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I was so surprised to see he ate basically like 4 sandwiches after supper! That’s absolutely crazy and amazing haha, I love how you mention that our bodies are good at recognizing signals and that we should satisfy them. There is never anything wrong with listening to the body and giving it what it needs! :)


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