Weekend Highlights: The Last Days of Summer

It’s back to the school grind tomorrow so my only real goal this weekend was to wring out the best vibes from those last few days of summer. And wring out I did.

Friday was my grandma’s 77th birthday and we thought she’d love a trip to Parc Omega, which is a drive-through wildlife park not far from where we live. We saw caribou, elk, coyotes, wolves, deer and bears.

Parc Omega

They come right up to your car and stick their heads into the window, ready to down any carrots you have to offer. It’s so adorable. Slightly scary in a please-don’t-bite-my-head-off kind of way, but mostly really adorable.



Deer Kissing Me

(from ze Insta)

When we got back home, some family came over to celebrate the lady of the hour. How gorgeous is my cousin?


My mom made the same Chocolate Cream Cheesecake I request for my birthday every year. I would try to describe it but things would probably just get awkward.


Hoping my grandma is in for another year as healthy and good-spirited as her last. Love her so much!


Afterwards Josh and I went to 10 Fourteen for a drink and a few snacks. He just moved and his new apartment is within walking distance of so many coffee shops, restaurants and bars. It’s the best!


It was our first breakfast at the new abode so I had to document. We <3 Breakfast.

breakfast at Josh's

I went back home and roped my dad into joining me for a short run before it was time to start getting wedding-ready. (Thanks for coming, poppa!)

Sat Morning Run

Once we got ourselves looking and smelling acceptable, my parents and Josh and I took off for my second cousin’s wedding. It was in the same little gorgeous town as a wedding we went to a couple of months ago and was a very fun day of celebration.



I spent Sunday morning packing up my things. I took a break for a green smoothie at one point and was so excited when I got the idea to add some frozen peas to it. “I won’t even be able to taste them and they’ll make it so thick and slushy!!!”

Um no. Just don’t do it.

green smoothie

In the afternoon it was book club time. My aunts, cousin, mom, grandma and I formed one a few years ago and we’re still going strong. I so look forward to and cherish our meetings. Sometimes we get a bit distracted and discussion of the actual book is – minimal shall we say? – but the company is always wonderful regardless!


My aunt (one of my favourite humans ever) hosted at her gorgeous waterfront home; it is such a happy place for me.



The sun made its way down and the summer came to an end. I suppose all good things do. But ohhh how I am looking forward to seeing what’s around the corner. It’s good, I can feel it.


So tell me, what was the highlight of your weekend?!

12 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: The Last Days of Summer

  1. Wow! Your photos just seem to be getting better and better. I love all of the landscapes, food photos (of course) and pics of you with friends and family. Looks like you had an excellent summer and cheers to another lovely season of food, family, and friends!


  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Loved all the photos! And frozen peas in a smoothie..I’ve never thought of that..but now, won’t try it. haha I’ve put a ton of chard in a smoothie before expecting it to be like spinach..it was not like spinach.


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