Friday Faves vii

1. Cat Cafes

I’ve been hearing about cat cafes popping up all over the place and had no idea how to picture the experience. But I went with my friend last week and the cats just busied themselves being the cutest and fluffiest creatures as we sipped on our coffees and chatted. If you want the warm and fuzzies, go find a cat cafe.

cat cafe

2. The best chocolate cake. Ever.  

It was my dad’s birthday this week and this chocolate cake recipe made yet another appearance around these parts. If I have the slightest excuse to make this cake, I do. SO GOOD!


3. Freedom Writers

This is a bit of a throwback movie recommendation but I re-watched it recently and had forgotten how powerful it is.

freedom writers

4. CityFolk Festival

Ottawa friends, I am pretty excited about the CityFolk Festival coming up in September at Lansdowne. The Sheepdogs and Of Monsters and Men are playing back-to-back on the Saturday… yessssss.

5. The Iron Cowboy

So um this man recently completed fifty iron mans in fifty days in fifty states and apparently he’s claiming to be human?! I can’t even really wrap my mind around this man’s endeavour and drive to bring awareness to childhood obesity. YOU GO GLEN COCO.

the iron cowboy

6. This beautiful graphic

I shared this on Instagram this week but it really marked me and has been coming to mind often. Funny how we can appreciate different looks, shapes and sizes when it comes to animals and kids (and even fruits!) but tend to have such a rigid picture of the appearance we want for ourselves. The next time you find yourself criticizing your body, or your hair, or your clothes, just picture a flamingo wanting to look like a peacock and how much you would want to slap them silly for not knowing how beautiful they are!

admire someone else's beauty

Happy happy Friday! Do you have any weekend plans? 

6 thoughts on “Friday Faves vii

  1. Beautiful cake, lucky dad!

    Cats are wonderful, we have two felines and two canines and they all get along so well together with the two of us.

    Happy Friday!


  2. That man is no way human… I mean how, in the world?!
    I love the quote- so often I remind myself not to be jealous, but to be appreciate! Life is so much happier when we are happy for others.


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