Weekend Highlights

I have a week-by-week work schedule this summer, which I wasn’t sure how I would feel about since I can be pretty type-A at times. But I’ve grown to love the shift life. It’s hard to make plans until fairly last-minute so I tend to end up doing what I feel like doing when I feel like doing it. It’s pretty hard to complain about that!

This was the first weekend that Josh and I had off this summer which had me in documentation mode and thought I’d share a few highlights of the food and fun! Also, bless the boyf’s heart for not getting annoyed when I take six thousand pictures of everything. You da best.

Friday after work I managed to see my sweet sweet grandma briefly before heading off to dinner. Oh how just five minutes with this lady brings me joy.


Josh and I went out for dinner at The Elmdale Tavern in Hintonburg, which has been on our hit list for ages and was everything we’d hoped it to be. It’s been around since 1935 but got revamped in 2013 when new owners turned it into a super cozy – and proudly sustainable – Oyster House.

Thank you x 100 to the kind sir who made me a Bloody Caesar on the house upon hearing that it was my first time trying one. I think it will be a hard one to beat!

Elmdale Tavern

{scallop ceviche // fried greens // homemade bread // tuna crudo}

Saturday was wedding time! Some ridiculously nice friends of Josh’s tied the knot with a lovely ceremony in the prettiest little town. We filled the gap between the ceremony and reception with a coffee shop and a jaunt in the park.


{Perth, ON}

Loved the reception venue. And food. And speeches. And dancing. Okay I just loved the reception.


Sunday was laid-back and rejuvenating. I stopped at the local market in the morning, which I hadn’t been able to check out yet this summer. It’s so nice to have a market within minutes! GO AYLMER.

Aylmer Farmer's Market

My little egg master delivered yet again. A lingered brunch and some newspaper reading/discussing = happy place.


{fried eggs // strawberries // grape tomatoes // mushrooms with green onions} 

I ran a few hot and sweaty miles at the marina before smuggling some goodies from the Cake Shop into one of our favourite coffee shops. The cherry on top of a great weekend.


{Equator in Westboro} 

Did you have a good weekend? What were some of your highlights?! 

8 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights

  1. The reception hall looks stunning! You look lovely in your dress too. I understand what you mean by having a week-by-week work schedule, it’s difficult waiting to make plans! My weekend was rather relaxing away from work, which is all I can ask for.


  2. That looks so yummy! Like your mom, I prefer my eggs well done however my wife is like you and likes them runny; a personal preference for sure.

    Have a great weekend!


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