What I Ate: Fruit and Veg Up the Yin Yang

Now more than ever, people seem to be divided when it comes to defining the “optimal diet”. While some swear by the paleo lifestyle; others argue just as passionately for veganism. Some advocate consuming all foods raw; others prioritize hitting a specific fat to carb to protein ratio.

I think that all dietary choices have their own pros and cons. But you know what they all seem to agree on? THAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE AWESOME.

Telling people to up their fruit and veg intake is a recommendation that has gotten pretty cliché. But let’s be real, aren’t most clichés only cliche since they’re repeated so much because they’re… true?!

Chock-full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (source), they’re just a body’s dream come true. And while a diet that consisted of nothing but fruits and vegetables would certainly be lacking in other areas, very few people wouldn’t benefit from eating a whole lot more of em.

sun butter breakfast plate

2 over-easy eggs // Sunbutter bagel // cherries // avocado 

I think the key to being able to sustain a lot of produce daily is to find ways that you love to eat it. As obvious as that sounds, it’s something a lot of us don’t put much thought into.


spicy chocolate sun butter tofu (this recipe) over rice // green beans // raw veggies and hummus // apple

For instance, I have a mild (okay, not that mild) hummus obsession, and I think that just about everything tastes wonderful when hummus is involved. So eating raw vegetables isn’t a chore for me when I get to slather them in it. Having a big container of chopped veggies on hand also makes me 120486 times more likely to eat them.


cheese and black bean quesadilla // avocado and salsa // salad

I also do my best to eat some greens everyday. Sometimes that means wilting them into my pasta, sometimes making a salad and sometimes throwing a bunch into my smoothie. There are so many ways to sneak them in; find one that you love and run with it!

Cookie Dough Dip

Evening Snack
cookie dough dip (this recipe) on graham crackers

I brought this cookie dough dip to a little games night with friends. It’s got a whole can of chickpeas hiding in it and we all agreed that it is good. Like, really good. Also, Bananagrams is so much fun! I came home and got hungry again while writing this post and downed another apple.


I think it’s sad that from such a young age we seem to start perceiving fruits and vegetables as the part of the meal that we just have to force ourselves to eat before we get to the good stuff (do any Arthur fans remember how much DW hated spinach?!) But they really can be the good stuff. You may not like every single vegetable or every way of preparing them, and that is so okay. But a little bit of experimenting can go a long way to find some that you do.

Let’s try to give those colourful little powerhouses some love today!

What’s your favourite way to eat fruits and vegetables? 

7 thoughts on “What I Ate: Fruit and Veg Up the Yin Yang

  1. I need to step up my dark greens game. I was going to say “your breakfast looks wonderful”, but then I saw your lunch… then I saw your dinner. Now I’m just going to say I would to repeat your day of eats :)


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