Thoughts On My First Camping Trip (And Some Meal Ideas!)

Ahh the camping life. As I mentioned in this post, I had never been camping before this trip to Lac Philippe. But I made Josh agree that we can go twice every summer from now on. So I guess I sort of liked it or something. Here are a few things that I took away from my first experience. And obviously some food talk since… I’m me.


1. You don’t have to be off the grid to unplug. 

I wasn’t expecting to have 3G at the campsite and had been looking forward to spending a couple days sans social media and iMessage. So I couldn’t help but chuckle when I got there and had perfect service. But I turned off my phone and pretended I didn’t. It made me realize what a silly notion it is to wait until a signal is unavailable to take a break from it. 
Camping at Lac Philippe


2. Racoons are really stealthy

We left one of the car windows open on the first evening we arrived, figuring we’d never be more than a few meters away from it. But some ninja racoon still managed to sneak in, break open all our bananas and a bag of chips and then flee with an entire loaf of bread. Racoon 1, Humans 0.


Breakfast: these muffins +  milk + coffee
(there would have been fruit on my plate but it was all in Mr. Racoon’s belly instead)


It didn’t snatch my Sunbutter, though. HALLELUJAH.

3. You can bring balance to any situation 

I think camping can be an experience on either end of the spectrum; it can be full of physical activity, wholesome food, fresh air and good sleep OR rampant with alcohol, junk food and zero movement. Balance always wins in my books and camping was no exception. There were lots of veggies and lots of cookies. A long morning trail walk followed by an afternoon of lounging. Some water with dinner and some wine by the fire.


Chocolate chip cookies à la Sally’s Baking Addiction – SO.GOOD.


Lunch: Tuna and Avocado + Green Salad +  Crackers + Hummus
(no bread because youknowwhy)

4. I should be more mindful of where my resources come from and go

Sharing a tap of running water with all our site neighbours and watching the communal garbage bin accumulate by the end of the day really had a way of putting things into perspective. It was nice to be reminded that having easy access to water in our homes doesn’t make wasting it any more necessary or responsible. Likewise, the fact that our garbage leaves our sight doesn’t mean it disappears. Hope this isn’t coming across as preachy; it’s myself I’m talking to!



Dinner: pan-fried black beans + whole wheat couscous with celery leaves and lemon
+ sriracha + veggies and avocado


Dinner: Campfire packets of salmon, potatoes and onions. So simple, so good.


5. It’s pretty much impossible to be bored in good company

Camping was confirmation that in many cases, who I’m doing an activity with has a greater impact on the overall experience than the activity itself. I have one heck of a fun sidekick.



Do you ever go camping? Are you a fan? 

8 thoughts on “Thoughts On My First Camping Trip (And Some Meal Ideas!)

  1. Hey I am visiting your blog from Kath Eats! I love camping too, and now I am inspired to pack some healthy foods on my upcoming trip. Your blog is great, very informative and I love your recipes. I am from Newfoundland, and it’s awesome you had such a great visit here!


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