My Week in Food, Fitness and Fun

Hi friends!

I have a bit of a marathon of photos coming your way today! This week was one that included quite a bit of activity without a whole lot of “working out”. I think many people strive to find ways to move that don’t involve the gym, so may this post lend an idea or two. Some yummy food also found its way into my belly so I snapped away at a few of the highlights.

Work + 20 Minute Workout + Evening Walk

I feel super lucky that my job is so active; I am either standing or walking all day. That said, I do like to make sure to get some resistance and heart-pumping cardio in occasionally. Monday I came home and did a quick circuit in our garage gym. My brother Joel was working out too and I loved the company. I’m just a little (lot) jealous of his abs.

Working out with Jo

After dinner my mom and I took a quick walk – can’t even handle how perfect the evenings are at the end of hot summer days.


5 km Trail Walk 

Josh and I were off on Tuesday so we started the day with a nice lazy breakfast.  These pancakes are wholesome and delicious. Of course things get a bit more indulgent when I stuff them with chocolate chips and slather on butter and maple syrup but uhh #DAYSOFF


After breakfast we went to Luskville Falls for a 5 km trail walk, which was lovely and had me sweating bullets.

Luskville Falls

I wanted to mention this salad because I think Halloumi is such a cool but little-known cheese. You grill or fry it and it gets all hot and melty. Such a good salad topper.


Work + Downtown Walking 

After work I met my friend Camille – whom I go to school with – for dinner. Isn’t she the cutest? We had some really good sushi at Tomo and then walked around downtown a little bit.



Work + 5 km run 

It was too nice out after work on Thursday not to run. My parents biked beside me which is my favourite. I make them tell me stories the whole time and I feel like I have an entourage. Don’t mind if I do.


Josh made a delicious noodle dish for supper. I’ll share the recipe soon because I think you should have it in your life.


Also I’m convinced that eating outside makes food taste better.



I had Friday off and met my sweet sweet friend during her lunch hour. This spot behind Parliament is one of my favourites in Ottawa.

Lunch with Cris

After lunch my mom and I headed to the Canal for a little Canoe ride. It was really relaxing but my upper body was feeling it!


It’s also Bluesfest time in Ottawa, and I’m definitely counting dancing my little heart out a couple nights this week as part of my weekly exercise.

How did you move this week? What were some of your food highlights? 

8 thoughts on “My Week in Food, Fitness and Fun

  1. That salad with halloumi looks incredible! I’ve never had halloumi before and I think you’ve just inspired me to pick up a pack next time. What kind of cheese does it taste like – is it stretchy and mild like mozzarella or sharp like cheddar?
    Your sushi lunch looks super delicious and please do share that noodle dish recipe – it looks SO scrumptious! I love drippy eggs on anything. :)

    I did lots of spin classes, hatha and hot yoga this week – and had some of the fluffiest pancakes made with quark. Yum!


      • Yum! That sounds super yummy. Feta is one of my favourite cheeses! Where do you think I could find halloumi? Would I have to go to a specialty foods store?
        I buy my quark from the farmer’s market (small container for $5). I like it because it’s high in protein while being very low in fat. I put it into pancakes, spread it on toast, and stir it into oatmeal for cheesecake oats. You can also use it for baking (can substitute for cream cheese), but I love the flavour and I don’t want to “dilute” it by baking.
        Thank you! I am always striving to get a diverse exercise regime :)


  2. You and your mom are so pretty and seem so happy together.

    The noodle dish looks great, made me hungry.

    My favourite cheese right now is Tillamook Extra Sharp white cheddar. If you haven’t tried it, I think you might like it. Made in Oregon where I live!

    Have a great weekend J.


    • Thank you so much from both of us! She’s my best friend :)

      Oh YUM, the Tillamook sounds delicious. I’ll definitely keep my eye open for it! My boyfriend and I were just saying yesterday that we’d like to see Oregon one day.

      Hope you have a great weekend too!


      • Oregon is a beautiful state, you and your boyfriend will not be disappointed.

        The Tillamook Cheese Factory is on the Oregon coast in Tillamook, OR and you can get a free tour as well as lots of free samples of all of their delicious cheeses. It is interesting to see how they make mass quantities of cheese I think.

        I have a close friend that lives in Ottawa, she works for a major downtown hotel and tells me all about the city….it sounds incredible. :)


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