What I Ate: A Lipid Love Affair

FAT. Such a feared and misunderstood nutrient. I hope to do a more comprehensive post about dietary lipids soon because I think it’s a topic that can get really overwhelming really quickly – polyunsaturated, trans, omegas, saturated, monounsaturated… umm what?!

But in the meantime, let me offer you a little preview and start by simply saying that fat is our friend. Like, our really good friend. It is a component of every single cell in our body, is necessary for the absorption of many nutrients, protects our organs and plays a role in cognitive function (source and source). Oh and it just so happens to be ridiculously delicious as if the other things weren’t enough.

I don’t shy away from fat, and I think yesterday’s meals demonstrate it. That said, I am very mindful of the types of fat that make their way into my body. As a general rule, I try to completely avoid trans fat, limit saturated fat and eat poly- and monounsaturated more or less to my heart’s content.


Plain greek yogurt // sunflower seed butter // mashed banana // blueberries // quick oats

I’ve been finding yogurt bowls so refreshing as it gets warmer outside. I just stir everything together and the result is a bit of a hot mess but a really creamy, delicious and filling hot mess.

I know that looking at the label of nut and seed butters can be a bit shocking; oftentimes a serving pushes 30% of the daily value of fat. But almost all of the fat is unsaturated which makes them total superstars in my eyes.


canned wild salmon salad // whole wheat pita // peas // nectarine 

Salmon is getting lots of hype lately and for very good reason; without going into too much detail, its super high omega-3 content helps keep inflammation at bay, keeps our brain firing and is thought to help us combat heart disease (source).

I threw in some veggies, sweet gherkins and lemon into a can of wild tuna P.s. I buy the kind with bones because they’re chock-full of calcium! (source) This was a super quick and tasty lunch.

DSC_0523iced coffee with milk // dark chocolate almond bark 

I met my mom for coffee after work and couldn’t resist an iced coffee. I was feeling pretty sneaky and brought along my own piece of dark chocolate. I’m a pretty wild girl.

As for chocolate, its fat is largely saturated, sadly. But the cocoa it contains (and the darker the chocolate, the higher the cocoa content) boasts iron and numerous antioxidant compounds (source). So cocoa is far from empty calories in my eyes. This is the chocolate, which we get at Costco and is SO good!

I managed to sneak in a quick workout when I got home and then re-fuelled with dinner.


lentil tikka masala // rice // avocado salad 

My mama made this and it was really flavourful. The lentil recipe can be found here… we’ve made it many, many times.

The side salad was amped up a notch with lots of avocado and olive oil, both of which are monounsaturated and therefore thought to be cholesterol-lowering (source). Holla!
Evening Snacking

Josh and I were snack city in the evening. We started with some Mary’s crackers with a hummus and salsa combo (which is a concoction my mom thought of – it’s really good!). And then we moved on to fruit with this beloved chocolate sauce we can’t get enough of.

And that concludes my fat-loving day.

What are your favourite sources of fat? 

11 thoughts on “What I Ate: A Lipid Love Affair

  1. I just started reading your blog (got it from Kath) and I am really enjoying it.

    My favourite fat is butter!

    Thanks for all that you do.


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