The Brown Bag Diaries: A Peek Inside My Lunch Box

I think it’s safe to say that very few people actually enjoy packing lunches, and I am no exception. It’s an activity I usually find myself doing either late at night when I should be sleeping, or early in the morning when I should be leaving for work.

So I guess it’s a really good thing that over time I’ve developed a little repertoire of lunch combos that I can make in ten minutes or less. My biggest considerations are amping up the produce, keeping the grains whole, and including some protein.

I’ve been snapping pictures before my last few shifts in case anyone can take an idea or two away from them. I wouldn’t consider them particularly big meals but they come after a hearty breakfast and are usually followed by an afternoon snack. And it’s enough food to fill me up without weighing me down while walking around in a harness all afternoon!


banana // greek yogurt // whole wheat pita // roasted beet hummus // veggies 


quinoa + black beans + zucchini + bell pepper + corn + avo + lemon + cumin // kiwi 


 carrots // whole wheat wrap + tofu burger + spinach + tomato + avo + cucumber // cherries


Mary’s crackers + avocado // blueberries // peas + corn // leftover mashed sweet potato


spinach + tofu burger + tomato + avocado + carrots + peas + corn + Mary’s crackers + balsamic vinaigrette // cherries


homemade bread + egg salad // veggies + hummus // apple

There is certainly nothing fancy about these meals but I am always a happy camper as I chow down on them. I think the important thing is to make lunches that you look forward to eating and that you know will sit right with you. Try to be mindful of how different meals are making you feel throughout the rest of the day and then give your body the love it deserves and LISTEN to those cues!

Lastly, here are the brands of the beet hummus and tofu burger seen in the pictures… I am majorly crushing on each of them right now.

Hummus and Tofu Burger

If you’re a fellow lunch-packer, what are your favourites? I would love to hear in the comments! 

2 thoughts on “The Brown Bag Diaries: A Peek Inside My Lunch Box

  1. I’m a very VERY boring lunch packer so I pretty much pack the same thing everyday along with the same snacks. I do this as an assembly line on Sundays which makes weekdays a lot less hectic for me. My usual lunches are either tuna or salmon packets along with baby kale mix, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and broccoli slaw. My breakfasts are overnight oats with egg whites and freeze dried berries. Then there’s always Greek yogurt with high fiber cereal and string cheese. Gosh I eat a lot! LOL


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