Friday Faves iii

Between my school stage and going away, this is the first week that has truly felt like summer. It involved a couple work shifts, lots of walks and a few scoops of ice cream. As per usual, here is a little hodgepodge of things I took note of this week!

1. Alice’s Village Cafe 

My mom and I consider coffee shops a bit of a hobby. We love going to as many new ones as possible and visiting our favourites whenever we can. The only issue is that we’re slowly running out of new places to try in the Ottawa area. So we’re taking the odd longer drive and making a little field trip out of it. This one was on the outskirts of Ottawa in Carp and SUCH A GEM! It was so charming both inside and out and the cinnamon bun was dangerously good. We will definitely be back despite the little trek!

Alice's Village Cafe

2. These Vegan Bean Burgers

I tried this recipe earlier this week and they were a big hit! I foresee many batches hitting my grill this summer.

3. Mind-bending Paintings

All from a Canadian artist and so neat.


4. Victoria’s Secret

Alright this one is 100% for the ladies and my dad is probably blushing ha! In the past I figured the heftier price tag of Victoria’s Secret bras were probably a name brand thing. But I went recently and from the service to how much I love my purchases, it was well worth the money.

5. Josh’s Pasta Making Kick

Excuse this less-than-stellar photo but Josh has been loving making pasta from scratch lately and oh man am I loving it. He uses nothing but flour and egg and it just tastes so fresh. This is last night’s mushroom carbonara that I believe was on the table in no more than 25 minutes. YUM.


6. Interesting Article About a Potential Connection Between Peanut Allergies and Probiotics

This outlines an Australian study in which kids with peanut allergies fed an increasing dose of probiotics seemed to develop a tolerance over an 18 month span. It certainly leads to a million more questions and studies but it’s a pretty exciting notion, if you ask me. This page has a few more details.


I’ll leave you with this quote that hit home.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! 

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