Friday Faves ii

Hi guys! Here’s another edition of things I’ve come across lately that I think are worth sharing. Hope you’ve had a gratifying week and are looking forward to your weekend in a big way.

1. Newfoundland 

I’ve been MIA from the blog this week because I’ve been soaking up every minute of my (too brief) time in St. John’s. I love this place and can’t wait to share a little recap of my time here in a few days.


2. France’s new law to reduce food waste

This new legislation forces supermarkets to donate unsold food to charities or animal feed instead of throwing it out. Such an uplifting piece of news and hopefully one that has other governments feeling inspired.

3. Genius Scan App 

Sometimes at school they ask for things to be submitted in a scanned format and this free app processes my phone’s pictures into professional-looking PDF files. It was through one of Julie’s Friday Favourite posts that I first heard about it and it has made life a lot easier on a few occasions since. I’m pretty sure there’s an Android version too!

Genius Scan

4. These scones 

Not one part of this recipe is “healthified” – it’s an old-fashioned butter and white flour type of treat. But if you like scones, MAKE THEM. Seriously. And if anyone needs tips for making their batch look like it’s bleeding ink, just send them my way.

5. Learning from my Shoes

The other day I was looking at my white Converse and expressed excitement that they’re still so white after having them for a year. But I realized that there’s a pretty simple explanation; I’ve only worn them a handful of times because I’m afraid of getting them dirty. Solid logic, Jacklyn. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have some dirt on shoes that memories were made in than a flawless pair that hasn’t an experience to speak of. Funny how silly little things are sometimes what it takes for us to see the big picture clearly. So here’s to a weekend of wearing our shoes, even if that involves a stain or two. 

White Converse


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