Another Day of Eats: Maximizing Variety

While a person’s recipe posts definitely offer a little glimpse into the way they eat, I for one love it when bloggers share a full day of food to see how they string it all together. And I almost always finish reading the post with some meal inspiration so hopefully that will be the case for you too!

Today I thought I’d touch upon the idea of being conscious of getting a lot of variety throughout the day. I mentioned the importance of switching up plant-based protein sources in this post, but I think that the same rings true for all types of food. You could be nailing your fruit and veg consumption, but if it’s by eating 8 apples a day, you’re missing out on so many nutrients that other produce has to offer.

For the record, I totally chose to document a day on which I knew I’d be getting quite a bit of variety. Please know that there are times when I eat bread at breakfast, lunch and dinner or fall in love with one particular lunch and literally eat it seven days in a row. And when that’s the case, you won’t find me stressing about it. Becoming obsessed with having the perfect diet is something I see as a pretty slippery slope so I let my tastebuds have a big say in my choices and make sure I’m never feeling deprived.

That said, here’s an idea of the type of thoughts that cross my mind from a nutritional perspective as I make food choices throughout the day (AKA the best time of day).



Cocoa Banana blueberry oatmeal // cashew almond coconut butter
(If anyone wants this recipe, l’d be happy to share!)

I eat oatmeal almost every morning because I just think it is 10/10 delicious (which is weird, they tell me?!) but I do change up the flavour all the time. Apple, zucchini, strawberry-rhubarb… so many possibilities. I also vary up the nut/seed butters that I slather on top. Peanut butter has a way of hogging all the attention but almond, cashew and sunflower seed are all super tasty and have slightly different nutritional profiles so I make sure they get some of my love too.


I like to send really cheesy texts to my mom saying things like “Good morning! Look at the beautiful garden I am passing on my way to school!” So if there’s a girl taking selfies outside your house at eight in the morning, it’s probably me. Come say hi!



Morning snack at school was an apple. I never notice when others eat apples in class but every time I eat one during a lecture I feel like the people four classrooms over must be hearing me chomping. So note to self to start packing softer snacks. (The odds of me remembering that are approximately 0.2%)



Spinach // canned salmon // avocado // tomatoes // corn //
peas // sun-dried tomatoes // walnuts // carrot // Mary’s Crackers

I admittedly have a hard time switching up my salad base because spinach is my favourite green but changing up the protein I have no trouble with. This day was salmon but other favourites are hard-boiled egg, beans of any sort and quinoa. Also, if you haven’t tried sun-dried tomatoes in your salad, dooooo it! They’re so ‘meaty’ and delicious.


This is how I finish 99% of my lunches and have plans of stopping the habit um.. never.



iced latte // mesquite oatmeal choc chip cookie

After class I had quite a bit of schoolwork to tackle so I headed to a coffee shop since I never feel like I’m working when I’m sitting in a beautiful space sipping a beautiful beverage. I often go for soy milk in my coffees but on this day I knew I’d be having tofu (soybeans) for dinner and hadn’t had any dairy yet so I opted for regular old milk. I had never heard of a mesquite-flavoured cookie but oh man it hit the spot!



Wheat and Buckwheat noodles // Tofu // Broccoli // Curried Peanut Sauce

I usually keep a couple types of pasta on hand so that I can make a game-time decision based on what I feel like and what I’ve been eating the rest of the day. If I have a big bready sandwich at lunch I tend to gravitate towards brown rice noodles for dinner. But on this day I hadn’t eaten any wheat and had some noodles lying around that were a mix of wheat and buckwheat that I thought would be great for this dish. I clipped this recipe out of a Chatelaine issue years ago and it is so so delicious.

Peanut Noodle Recipe

This little guy came to visit as I was taking pictures of my dinner on the back porch.


I finished my night with some un-pictured berries and some more work before hitting the hay.

Hope you have an amazing day and eat lots of
food that tastes as good as it makes you feel! 

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