Deck of Cards Workout

This workout is so simple but so much fun! As I mentioned in this post, there’s really no rhyme or reason to the type of workout that appeals to me on a given day. And while sometimes I’m in the mood to program my own workout and have all the control, other days I feel like leaving it up to chance. And that’s where this one comes in!

deck of cards workout

Going through the full deck usually takes me roughly 30 minutes. I find it passes so quickly because you spend the whole time wondering what’s coming next. Feel free to sub your own exercises instead of my suggestions based on your goal for the workout. If you’re feeling cardio, go heavy on the jumping movements and if you’re wanting to exhaust dem muscles, you can incorporate dumbbells or focus on body-weight resistance movements.

I love doing this with my dad because we get really excited and high-five each other when we get a two and look at each other with sad eyes when we get a second face card in a row. Life’s joys and sorrows aren’t meant to be experienced alone, you know?


Jumping Lunges

Start in a lunge and then explode up, landing in a lunge with the opposite foot in front.
Power yourself back up to original position to complete one rep. Not gonna lie, these kill me!


Leg Raises

Lay on back with hands under your bum or on the ground beside you (that’s the tougher version!)
Keeping legs as straight as you can, bring your legs up overhead
and then “tap” the sky above you, lifting bum off of ground.


Pretty sure everyone knows how to do a push-up but just in case, start in a plank position and then lower chest to ground, keeping the back nice and straight and avoiding sticking the bum into the air.
Push yourself back up into plank and repeat.


Star Jumps

Start crouched down in a little ball and then explode up, extending your arms and legs as wide as possible! Land back into the crouch and repeat.

On a completely random note, my mom and I took a walk after taking these pictures and found ourselves in a little cotton snow storm. It was a happy place.


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