Friday Faves i

HAPPY FRIDAY! Thought I’d pop in and share a few things I’ve been enjoying lately. I’m in one heck of a good mood because I’m in Montreal for a summer course for a few weeks and my mom is on her way to visit for the weekend. So excited for girl time with my favourite lady!

1. Liane Moriarty Books

I recently plowed through three of her books in a row. They’re not necessarily the type of novels that I expect to still be thinking about in 20 years, but they were really entertaining and left my mom and I with lots to discuss. Great summer reads!


2. RunEatRepeat Instagram account 

She shares quite a few personal photos but also tons of memes that usually make me laugh out loud. Food for the soul.

3. Receiving this Picture from a Friend 

marie maude's shephard's pie

I think I squealed a bit when a friend of mine made my shepherd’s pie recipe and sent me photo evidence. I was like “someone actually made one of my recipes?!?” Thanks M <3

4. The Power of Vinegar 

Tell me I’m not the only one who suffers from white stains on dark tops from antiperspirant? I can’t remember where I first heard of using vinegar to get rid of em, but it works like a charm! I just scrub some plain old distilled vinegar onto the problem area, let it sit for a little bit (an hour or two) and then throw it in the wash as usual. This has kept me from throwing away so many tops needlessly!

Antiperspirant Stain

5. Rudderless

I hadn’t heard anything about this movie but came across it on Netflix the other night and didn’t feel like looking harder for something to watch. It really took me by surprise and I’ve found myself thinking about the plot quite a few times since. Lovely music too.


6. Erin McDermott Jewelry  

I love this jewelry maker and her “words to live by” necklace collection like the one I’m wearing below. It’s a bit hard to make out in the picture but a couple years ago my parents got me one that says “Be Present”. For the first couple months, every time I wore it I really took the reminder to heart as I put it on in the morning. But after awhile I started fastening it around my neck with less and less thought. These past couple weeks have been really busy and each day seems to pass at a crazy speed. I was wearing it yesterday and was reminded of the two little words. I find it really easy to go to bed feeling like the day flashed by without really noticing. So present I am doing my best to be.

Be present

Weekend time baby! I hope yours is wonderful.

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