Ottawa Eats: Baker Street Cafe


I usually have a hard time going to a restaurant twice because there are so many on my list to try. But lately, when breakfast is involved, I just can’t bring myself to go anywhere other than Baker Street.

I wouldn’t say it’s the type of place that I usually gravitate towards; it’s a casual and bustling diner adorned with pictures of 80s rockers. But there is something irrefutably homey about it and the staff is so welcoming. When one of the waiters saw us taking pictures he approached us and asked if he could take it for us. Thanks for being a gem, mister.


Oh and the FOOD.

Even though I usually try to go during week days because it’s known for its long lines, I’ve still waited every time. But the way I see it, the longer I wait = the hungrier I get = the more I can eat. And they sometimes bring you delicious mini-muffins for being patient. So uhhhh sign me up for the line!


This most recent trip was with my best friend before her departure for the summer. I wish you could all meet her and get inspired by her sense of adventure and openness to change like I get to be every day. I consider her quite the breakfast connoisseur so I was excited to see if Baker Street would get her stamp of approval. P.s. It did.


I tend to go for pretty classic breakfast fare; eggs, potatoes, fruit and pancakes. And I don’t know if this makes me really picky but I often find myself leaving breakfast joints feeling like I probably could have made the same plate as well or better at home. But I find every component is just so on pointe at this place.  I usually end up eating until I’m that “whoa-I-need-a-nap” state of full because I need one last bite of the pancakes. And then one last bite of the eggs. And then of the potatoes. And then the pancakes call to me again. It’s my kind of cycle.

If you find yourself here next time you’re in the market for a big laid-back breakfast, I hope you have as wonderful a morning as I always do!

Chloe Outside Baker Street-2

Have you been? What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Ottawa Eats: Baker Street Cafe

  1. You’re awesome, Jacklyn! I’ve now got a list of a few new restaurants that I’ll have to try when I move back to Ottawa in the fall!

    Any restaurants in the Montreal area that have high regards in your books? I’m visiting this weekend to check out the city, and I’m down to try something new!


    • Aww you are so sweet, Travis!
      I don’t think I can be of much aid on the Montreal front though :( I would be able to give suggestions in Sainte-Anne near the Mac Campus haha but I didn’t venture downtown too much this year so I’m pretty oblivious to the restaurant scene in the city sadly.
      Hope you find places you love and have the best weekend!!


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