Summer Hit list

It’s sort of counter-intuitive but I’ve noticed that when I have a few things that I’m really excited for in the near future, the here-and-now becomes more enjoyable too. I guess it makes sense considering that the opposite scenario is certainly true; being stressed about something coming up next week leaves for very little chance of being all zen and happy-go-lucky today.

So while we often liken stress to being a cloud that looms overhead, I like to think of the things we’re excited about as this huge sun ray that sneaks its way into all the little nooks and crannies. The truth is just corny sometimes you guys.

Book and Sun-2

For that reason, I like to sit down occasionally and make a little list of the things I’m looking forward to. It gets me all giddy and I really like being all giddy.

Also, when I hear of people’s plans and goals I sometimes end up adding a few things to my own personal list that I would never have thought of. So perhaps by sharing my summer hit list you’ll get a few ideas for your own.

1. Go Camping for the First Time

I’m really not sure how I’ve made it this long without going camping but I think this summer is the time to remedy the situation. And it involves eating, walking amongst trees, reading and more eating. I’m not sure how I couldn’t enjoy it?!

2. Go to a Blue Jays Game

I don’t think I’ve ever sat through more than a quarter of a professional baseball game on TV but I went to my first live one last summer and could have stayed for 12 hours longer. Such an electric buzz!

At Blue Jays Game

3. Run (a) Road Race(s)

Speaking of buzz, I’ve never ran a race and left without being on a complete high. Last summer I had no desire to run but this year I’m feeling the itch again and stoked about it! If you’re interested but intimidated by the thought of signing up for a race (which I can TOTALLY understand), I can’t encourage you enough to just rip off the band-aid and try one! It’s such a supportive environment and cool experience.


4. Try making my own sourdough starter and bread

From what I’ve heard this could take several tries and involve a few unsuccessful attempts. But the fact that you can mix a few things together, let them sit and then have a living organism on your hands a few days later is basically miraculous to me. You literally have to feed it once a day or it dies which is the perfect amount of responsibility for me at this point. And the fact that it results in delicious bread is an added bonus. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this article might be of interest! I’ll keep you posted on my adventures!

5. Go on a picnic or two… but actually 

Every year when it gets nice out I express my excitement for all the lovely picnics I will go on and then go on approximately zero. But they make a run-of-the-mill lunch so much more exciting so this summer I’m determined to make a few happen.


6. Get creative with my closet

I feel so blessed to have the packed closet that I do and yet I often find myself bored with my clothes and buying new items. This summer it’s my goal to try to look at my wardrobe through new eyes and combine things differently to make it feel a bit fresh. Because when I really think about it, I would so rather spend money on coffee and dinner dates and previously mentioned Jays games and road races than on another pair of jeans I don’t need. And these little dress-up sessions usually end up involving 3000 selfies.

Outfit Collage

7. Send a few snail mails.

I have an aunt who still consistently sends old-fashioned letters and it completely makes my day when I get home and there’s something waiting from her in the mailbox. Whether it’s a postcard from her most recent international escapade or a cute little Valentine, the fact that she was thinking of me and took time to write down my information on an envelope makes my heart burst. So when I find myself thinking of friends this summer, I’m gonna bust out the stamps!

From Suzy-2

8. Newfoundland!

In a couple weeks I’m heading to Newfoundland with my boyfriend and so excited to see such a different part of Canada. I just want to soak it in and interact as much as possible with the friendly folks of the coast. And he has the cutest grandma ever that sometimes stays up all night baking… I’m pretty sure I’m dating the grandson of my soulmate?!

9. Be less attached to my phone

I love social media and have no intention of giving it up. But there’s a big difference between checking up on it a couple times a day and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram every single second that I’m not doing something else. So I just want to start being a bit more conscious of my use and be sure that it’s not keeping me from real-live interactions with people; I hate the thought that I probably sometimes prevent people from engaging in conversation with me because I look busy on my phone.

On iPhone

10. Try making challah

I just think challah is so beautiful – those braids! I’ll let you know if I find a killer recipe and/or completely butcher it and end up making a weird knotted mess.

11. Patio season

Sitting on a terrace with people I love – preferably with a beverage that is fermented and starts with W – is the type of moment that makes life feel complete to me. And the extent of appreciation I feel for the lack of snow on the ground makes the winter months almost worth it.

untitled (125 of 131)


I am having SO much fun developing this space. I’m taking pictures on pictures on pictures to try to get better, brainstorming and cooking whenever I get the chance and spending all day looking forward to sitting down and writing. I spring out of bed excited about it. I’m really trying to avoid being concerned about the numbers but I am so thankful for your readership <3 If there is anything you would like to see covered here, do let me know!

These may all seem like the most boring things in the world to you but I hope you manage to make your own list that gets you as stoked for summer as mine does!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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