Ottawa Eats: Pure Kitchen

Pure Kitchen Exterior

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Pure Kitchen. For some reason I wondered if maybe it was like the new kid at school who everyone reveres and swarms around for the first few recesses but who starts getting normal treatment after a couple days. The type of place that is really hyped up and cool to go to but not actually THAT good, you know? But I’m pretty sure I was very wrong.

The space is bright, simple and airy. The front surfaces can completely open up so the whole interior sort of ends up feeling like a patio. Many of the vegetarian restaurants that I’ve been to have an unmistakable hippy vibe which is awesome. But it’s nice to have one veg eatery in town that’s a bit more mainstream for those who aren’t into the former. Pure Kitchen

There’s definitely a distinct clientele here too though; it feels like half of the patrons could be on their way to the co-owned yoga studio down the street after their meal. But to me, it totally pulls off that vibe while also having a super welcoming disposition.

There’s a constant bustle and I admittedly grazed backs with the person seated at the table behind me occasionally but I admire their intention to maximize the space they have.

My mom (thanks for being such a fun dining partner mama!) and I started off by splitting the {HEALED} juice with pineapple / carrot / turmeric / lemon / ginger. It was spicy and super refreshing!


Deciding on mains was a serious struggle because everything sounded so creative and wonderful but we ended up deciding on the {LOVED} salad and {LIGHT-HEARTED} wrap (served with fries and in-house ketchup!) Both were delicious but the salad really stood out to us. It was just the most perfect combination of contrasting textures and flavours. I will definitely attempt to re-create it at home!

Main Courses

{LOVED SALAD} autumn squash / brown rice / goddess greens / caramelized onions / pomegranate seeds / dried cranberries / nut and seed mixes / miso rice vinaigrette

{LIGHT-HEARTED WRAP} tempeh steaks / hummus / greens / sprouts / avocado / carrot / tomato / garlic tahini / flour tortilla

Many people seem to think that the gold-standard of vegetarian/vegan food is whether omnivores would enjoy it, which is a concept I have mixed feelings about; I think that vegetarians are perfectly qualified to have an opinion about a food’s taste without anyone having to confirm it. That said, I would take any meat-loving friend to this place with total confidence that they wouldn’t spend a heartbeat missing their usual staples. Gold star for you, Pure Kitchen. In front of Pure Kitchen
I asked our server (who was super friendly and attentive!) whether they’re able to accommodate nut allergies and was happy to hear that they can; it’s not always a given at vegan/vegetarian food joints. I am looking forward to trying ummm… the whole menu. And a day of meandering in Westboro is always a good day in my books.
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