My Go-To Circuit Workout

Being able to change into workout clothes, step into my backyard and be drenched in sweat within 20 minutes is the main reason that I LOVE CIRCUITS!

I am all about adding as much variety as possible to my exercise routine which is why I try to avoid doing the same workout twice. But on some days, the thought of coming up with a new sequence is enough to make me feel like skipping it altogether. And on those days, this is my fall-back.

Go-To Circuit Graphic

Since I do this workout periodically, it’s been really fun to feel it get easier and easier with time. At first, I did each of the exercises for 30 seconds and rested for 30 and found it such a doozy. These days, to get myself panting just as hard, I usually do them for 45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between. In yo face, past Jacklyn! But seriously, I highly recommend setting a “benchmark” workout to feel like a baller when you start crushing your old times.


This is a great workout to do at home or when travelling since it requires very little – or no – equipment. The box jumps can be substituted with tuck jumps if you don’t have a box around. And I promise that they’re equally as difficult and efficient! The kettlebell swings can be done with a dumbbell or anything weight-bearing that you can find laying around.

Here are a bunch of really awkward pictures of me demonstrating each exercise. I hope they bring you as much enjoyment as the people in the park watching my boyfriend take pictures of me doing jumping jacks must have got.

Collage 1

Jump horizontally from one foot to the other, getting as much distance between jumps as you can.

Collage 2

Start in a lunge and then explode upwards and land in a lunge on the opposite foot.
Hold lunge very briefly and repeat.
Collage 3

Kick one foot back behind you as close to your booty as possible. Alternate feet.
Collage 4

Get into a ready position and then explode upwards, getting as high
into the air as possible and tucking feet as close to the bum as possible.

Collage 5

Get into a plank position then jump one foot close to the hands.
Jump to switch the feet’s positions and continue. 
Collage 6

Bring any weight-bearing object between your legs as far back as
you can reach and then drive it up over your head, hinging from the hips. Repeat.

Collage 7

Tilt the pelvis forward and bring the knee up as close to the chest as possible.
Continue while alternating knees.

Collage 8

Put your hands to the ground and jump your feet back into a plank position.
Jump the feet back up to the hands and jump up into the air, reaching above the head.

Collage 9

Jump feet out just past shoulder-width apart while simultaneously bringing hands overhead.
Bring arms back down while jumping feet back together and repeat.

Let me know if you try it!!

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